February 2013 | Garden Culture Magazine

Are You Starting Seeds That Are Really Heirloom Varieties?

A lot of organic gardening tips tell you that the path to eating GMO free fruits and vegetables is to grow heirloom varieties. There is more to it than that. Just because a seed catalog lists a plant or seed selection as ‘heirloom’ does not necessarily mean it is so. You must seek out not so much well known long time garden favorites by name, but by how the seed you will be buying was produced. Once upon a time this was not a problem, but in the past 20 years of so the world of backyard gardening has...

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Grow Your Own Sunflower Greens

Lumped in with the category of micro greens, sunflower greens are really sprouts and something that anyone can grow – anywhere. There are oodles of different types and flavors of plant seedlings more popularly called sprouts that add crunch to a sandwich, zip to a salad and dress up a dinner plate or top off an entree beautifully. Sprouts are big plants in early stages of development that packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and other beneficial elements that differ by the plant type. Not all sprouts taste the same, just like the plants they would one day grow into...

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Food Deserts, Kids & The Future of Sustainable Living

Like many a parent, I always assumed that learning about growing food was something best left for when kids were older. Wrong! A lesson learned on a simple outing to entertain a 3-year old with a budget of zero. Perhaps it all went down like it did because grandparents have more time to dream up creative outings than parents do. I knew it would be interesting for the wee tot, but she was besotted with the cute little sprouts. It was all I could do to stop her from hugging the emerging green bean filled trays one finds really...

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Food From Garbage?

Stop feeding the garbage disposal your kitchen waste. You can turn it into nutrient rich virgin soil – no matter where you live. The best idea yet in composting and urban gardening I’ve seen. No need to run out and buy potting soil or fertilizer, and you can grow all manner of goodness in just 4 square feet of space on your porch, patio or even a balcony. The Garden Tower will allow you to enjoy garden fresh veggies the old fashioned way… as your own outdoor garden. This will work for indoor gardening too. A couple of savvy add-ons like...

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GMO Food Sold at Whole Foods

Imagine the amazement factor when the narrator on ABC News’ story ‘Whole Foods: How Radical CEO Created Grocery Empire’ announced that vegan, John Mackey, “has no problem selling pork sausage and genetically modified foods.” With the story moving right along it took a second or two for that to register in the brain. What? Fortunately, I was watching the February 7 segment on YouTube and had the luxury of backing up the video to this incredible statement. No, it wasn’t a matter of mistaken mental processing. Fresh and pretty isn’t always pure, but one would not suspect that a...

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