May 2013 | Garden Culture Magazine

Expect An Increase in Aquaponics Farming

Fish farming in nothing new, but the traditional method requires in-ground ponds and acreage. Nor is it huge news that more farmers are getting into aquaponics. It is however newsworthy when large scale ag supply houses like FarmTek keep adding more and more soilless growing equipment to the catalog that arrives in farm mailboxes across the USA about 6 times a year. And as of the June 2013 issue, scalable aquaponics systems are part of the lineup that includes many farmy things. Having the fish and veg systems just a few pages past cattle tags, fodder tunnels, and electric...

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Growing Tomatoes With Big Flavor

Tired of tasteless tomatoes? Chances are that every tomato lover will be a bit disappointed in discovering that the tomatoes they grew in their hydro garden aren’t much better tasting than the ones from the store, though they will have the right texture being vine ripened. Like exactly what is the secret here? It’s a combination of things. Namely real sunshine, soil, moisture, and cultivar. Sure, tomato plants grow like mad given lots of water, however, you stand the risk of split skins, and are definitely loosing flavor. It’s not always enough to ensure good drainage, even jalapenos have...

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The Nano Farm Is Born

There are small farms and mega farms out in the country. We have urban farms growing gorgeous fresh produce smack dab in the center of big cities. Then there are micro farms or nano farms. Not the game – people located in the suburbs with smaller than micro farms, and some of them are creating an income growing in containers. How much space do you really need to grow a crop for market? Not as much as you might assume given the methods of growing we have today. Here’s a couple who started out with 6 EarthBoxes just a...

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Vertical Garden On A Slim Budget

You could use a bunch of empty pop bottles nailed to a piece of plywood. You could just cram a bunch of cheap dollar store pots on the perimeter of the balcony – but this takes up a lot of space that your lounge chairs should set in. You could use an old pallet. But you also could do a little simple engineering with inexpensive materials in less time and with excellent space savings. This idea would work outdoors and indoors, and if you set up a drip irrigation system, it could also be self watering. The pot size...

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Sustainable Food Freight

Transporting food from farm to cities could be a lot less polluting if we borrow on methods used in the past. While it is totally unfeasible to bring back the horse and wagon, reharnessing the power of wind and water makes perfect sense. All cities are built around or next to a body of water, be it a river or a lake. Its one of the first elements a location needs to sustain inhabitants. Without water, there is no life. Once upon a time, a lot of farm produce and products or materials from distant locations and rural areas...

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