June 2013 | Garden Culture Magazine

Are LEDs Cutting Edge Grow Lights?

You’re a modern gardener, a tech loving person of the 21st century, ready to venture into the future of food. Growing it at home – indoors or outside, because quality eating is important, as is gaining a better hold on food safety. As a cutting edge Earth citizen, you want the up to date equipment that matches your needs, and meet your concerns where energy consumption and budget is concerned. LEDs sound like just the grow light for your state-of-the-art indoor garden. They’re advanced technology. NASA uses them to grow food in space. You’ll save all kinds of money...

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Container Growing Blueberries

Fresh blueberries are both delicious and nutritious. Just as awesome on cereal as they are in things like pancakes, pie and muffins – they are high in fiber and anti-oxidants. These plants are surprisingly easy to grow if you give them the right conditions to thrive. Blueberries are natives in a variety of climates where soils have really low pH. A lot of people try growing them in the backyard garden without understanding what went wrong when it was most likely that their soil was just too sweet or had poor drainage. Rather than trying to amend the soil,...

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DIY Hydroponic Windowsill Garden

Got a window that gets tons of sun? Setting up an herb garden in it can be really simple, though you might have to add a decent grow light to supplement the sunshine in the winter. This guy did a great job of putting one together inexpensively, yet the finished hydroponic setup is attractive enough not to put a damper on your decorating. He used a combination of things you can find at your local discount store and stuff any hydroponic shop will carry. In these two videos he shows you everything you need to build your own hydroponic...

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Natural, Organic Rooting of Cuttings

In most places you can buy rooting hormones, but they aren’t available the world over.  There is nothing wrong with commercial rooting products. However, should you find yourself in a situation where you had none available, or are simply looking for a more organic method of starting new plants – here’s some interesting things to investigate. Some people claim that you can effectively root cuttings with nothing but honey. Honey has some awesome healing properties and is a natural antiseptic. Its also a potent hygroscopic or water absorbing material used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. These  are the...

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A Plant Health Camera

Monitoring the health of plants in your garden might be about to get a lot easier. In fact, it might be possible to catch signs of stress before they even become really noticeable. Not just in your indoor garden, but the backyard veggie plot, your flower garden and the landscape plants too. One of the biggest challenge that any gardener has is determining the difference between healthy and not-so-healthy plants. Its not like they can say, “Hey! I’ve got issues here.” Many times before a newcomer to the art of growing notices anything is wrong, the plant is already...

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