July 2013 | Garden Culture Magazine

Lessons In Aquaponic Farming

What happened to the poster child aquaponics business model? Aqua Vita Farms in Sherrill, New York is now literally and officially belly up. Naturally, the non-liberal right wingers are all snickering and calling it a kettle of fish they knew was a bad idea. The same who would be complaining about the wealth not being shared if the venture had been ultra successful. Failure here appears to be something that was easily avoidable, though the handwriting on the wall was most likely not available going into this now misadventure. The first red flag here is the size of the...

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Smart Garden: WiFi Watering

One of the biggest challenges any gardener faces is soil moisture. Too much or too little is the downfall of many a new grower. Even the most experienced and successful gardener can get busy and forget to water their plants. The guys at OSO have a solution for this problem. They call it Plant Link. It works indoors and outside with both potted plants and those planted in soil. It’s a moisture level monitoring system and automatic watering tool wrapped up in one nifty computer operated package. The idea is based on technology that has been used in agriculture...

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Perfect Packaging for Rooftop Harvest

This packaging designed by Matthew Krupitsky caught our eye. It’s a perfect way of selling greens grown in Brooklyn. Modern and edgy, it will definitely standout in the produce department, and at the farmers’ market. Just the right look to capture the urbanite’s attention, which is what you need to sell products in a crowded...

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Do Tomatoes Need Pruning?

Perhaps it depends on where you’re trying to grow them and why.  Are these tomatoes for home use or are you going to market them all? One reason that commercial tomato growers would prune their plants it to have more uniform fruit. Sort of like if you’re growing apples, you want only certain branches producing fruit in your trees if you want nice big apples. If you’re growing big tomato varieties in your backyard garden, space is no where near the issue it is in a greenhouse or indoor grow space. If you’ve got a garden of goodness crammed...

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The Perfect French Fry

Most likely. The corporation is the largest buyer of potatoes in the United States. They buy their potatoes from the same source that all other fast food joints do though. So, if Mickey D’s is serving up Frankenfries, you’re eating them at Wendy’s, Arby’s and just about anywhere else too. In case you’re wondering, since the 1990s this would be a Russet Burbank variety known as New Leaf, and yes it’s a Monsanto creation. Just what is it then that makes McDonald’s fries so much better than other brands? They used to be soaked in sugar and fried in...

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