August 2013 | Garden Culture Magazine

Homeless Man Designs Hydroponic Garden to Feed Homeless

No, there is nothing wrong with how the title is typed. How can a homeless person start a hydroponic garden, let alone feed other homeless people? Sounds pretty crazy.  The other homeless people, by the way, are thousands of miles away from him too. Getting there requires travel by land and sea. How is this possible? It started with an architect who went to Haiti with a group from his church in Charlotte, North Carolina. His entire reason for going was desiging shelters for some of the people who are still homeless there after the earthquake. What he discovered...

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Growing Food from Store Produce

For a lot of newcomers to growing it’s pretty exciting to discover that plants will grow from the seeds inside a grocery store apple, lemon, tomato, and other fresh foods. This kind of indoor growing is getting really popular, along with growing new food from the outer waste of produce. Recycling is great. Free stuff is even better. So, why waste money buying seeds when you can grow food from your garbage? Heads up! Not every blogger or YouTube video maker knows what they’re doing. You don’t want to do this with everything you buy. LEMONS & CITRUS Getting a seed...

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Plug & Play Hydro Gardening

Automation might not be new to hydro farming, but it is super expensive. The smart indoor farm runs on equipment that requires really deep pockets. More people would be involved in growing food if land and equipment were affordable, but it isn’t. This is one of the reasons that the food system has gotten into the condition it has. Only corporations with big revolving lines of credit and a sizable financial cushion can afford to play the game. The average guy simply doesn’t stand much of a chance – but technology and forward thinking are changing that. A new...

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Growing Mushrooms At Home

Knowing what wild mushrooms prefer to grow will help anyone be more successful at growing their own fresh mushrooms. They are a spring and fall crop outdoors when days are cool and conditions are moist. Mushroom hunters looking for morels and shaggy manes head out a day or two after a rain because the delicacies need good moisture to pop and tend to mature really fast in perfect conditions. When you shop mushroom kits, you’ll find that no vendor offers one for the most common ones used in cooking; button mushrooms, portabello mushrooms and crimini mushrooms. This is because...

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The Repurposed Hydro Micro Farm

Can you find the urban farm in this picture? If not, maybe you haven’t got your imagination turned up high enough yet. It’s there. At least it is now, and its one of those really crazy and super inspirational stories. Here’s the scenario. You are now the proud owner of a fixer upper house bought at a great price due to repossession. What do you do with the broken down swimming pool in the backyard? Remodeling it is out of the budget, and filling it in is way too expensive too. Doug McClung turned it into not just an...

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