September 2013 | Garden Culture Magazine

Add Natural Forces to Grow Room Environment

Can the moon affect plants grown indoors? Not moonlight, but it’s influence on water. Harnessing this natural power in the indoor garden environment is possible. The realization that the moon made water flood and ebb is almost as old as Earth itself. The first written reference to this gravitational influence was made by Pliny the Elder in the 1st century, and farmers throughout history used what is now known as moon phase gardening. Sheer lunacy? Nope.┬áRecent scientific testing over a ten year period at Northwestern University has proven that it isn’t an old myth at all. ┬áThere’s a growing...

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Container Growing Herbs Indoors

Heading into fall, you might be dreading cold weather and the loss of fresh cut herbs in meals. The dried versions simply don’t give you the same flavor, and some, like cilantro have no flavor at all in this form. It isn’t really difficult to grow herbs inside. Most of them are perfectly happy indoors if you meet their most important needs. The two most critical things you need to succeed at container growing herbs indoors is good light and moisture control. I see a lot of bloggers and YouTube channel owners showing people herbs growing on windowsills in...

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5 Reasons to Hang Out in Your Indoor Garden

Okay, so not all indoor gardens are roomy like this little greenhouse. That’s alright. Pull up a chair. Get comfy, turn on the tunes, relax and study your progeny. It’s perfectly alright if you spend 20 minutes a day staring into a cupboard or closet that houses your potted food producers or hydroponic gardening endeavors. Have a chat with your plants. Feel their leaves. Getting to know your plants and hanging out with them everyday is good for both you and them. 1. A watchful eye points out trouble before its an emergency. Your indoor garden isn’t a car...

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U.S. Good Food Movement Facing Extinction

Current regulations for food safety in the U.S. are in need of an overhaul as they were written in 1938, and the world has changed a lot since then. However, the current draft applies a one-size-fits-all mentality, and small to mid-sized family farms – organic or traditional – will be history if this language is signed into law. This means that urban farms and small growers who sell their fresh foods at farm stands and farmers markets, or sell wholesale to local grocery stores and chefs are just as doomed. In fact, selling that overload of zucchini, tomatoes and...

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Homemade Nutrients: Cheaper Hydroponic Gardening

Getting everything at a super low price has its side-effects. Just look what cheap ingredients have done for our food system. The more-for-less approach has taken a huge toll on food quality, food equality and much more. The purpose of having an indoor garden is to supply yourself with good food. The one thing you need to never lose sight of is that there is more than your wallet involved here. Like your plants. They have a different perspective, and making do isn’t part of it. Not when you want the most bang for your buck. For the newcomer...

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