October 2013 | Garden Culture Magazine

Growing Onions from Scraps, Pieces & Waste

Isn’t this picture amazing? An onion tower. How cool is that? The question in my mind when I first saw this was… are they growing onion bulbs or greens? You see, it takes a lot of sun energy over many days to produce a full fledged onion like you would chop up to add to stew, chili or spaghetti sauce, and one shot of this onion tower shows full snow cover outside. You know what that means? Short, cloudy days. Out of curiosity I tracked down the original post these images were from and discovered that the purpose is...

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Start Your Own Fruit Trees & Bushes

Did you know that you can grow your own trees and bushes by propagating them from cuttings? Sure, you can buy young fruit trees and bushes from nurseries and garden centers in the spring, but a lot of these varieties they sell are highly dependent on chemical treatment to get a harvest. The best fruit for organic growing where you live is likely found somewhere in your area. Walking through your neighborhood or driving around town, chances are you’ve seen (or will easily find) a wide variety of fruiting trees, bushes and vines that no one really tends, yet...

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Hydroponics Experiencing Cultural Shift

Have you noticed? The U.S. appears to have done a 180 over hydroponic gardening. Like what’s growing on here? Covering what’s new in any area of interest means keeping a keen eye on the latest from news sources. Something profound has taken place in the past month or two where growing food with hydroponic methods is concerned. It’s like society shed its blindfold and looked past the comfort of the way it’s always been. The States are awash in newfound awareness about the hydroponic production of fresh food. After over a year of continually monitoring what’s going on in...

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Organic Is Best – Even In Containers

Growing your own food in containers provides the solution to a lot of situations. No matter where you live, containers allow you to grow on a balcony, have safer produce when you’re dealing with contaminated urban soils, as well as making an indoor garden possible. However, the stuff you put in the container to house your plant’s roots has a great deal to do with your success and food quality. The most efficient container-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs have more to work with than standard potting mix can provide. In short, organic potting mix is better. Yes, organic potting...

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A Better Looking Indoor Garden

Not everyone has a basement or spare room to put the average grow box or grow tent in. Some people might be fine with a tent in their living room, but it won’t do a thing for your interior decor. There is a way to have both – an indoor garden and a sense of style preservation. In fact, you could pull this off to fit right into any decorating style. Would you think this armoire is an indoor garden box? It is. If I lived in the UK, then a trip to visit a certain hydroponics shop in...

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