November 2013 | Garden Culture Magazine

Smart Planting in Fabric Pots

Whether you’re growing plants indoors or outside, fabric pots offer them an environment not possible in a resin, metal, or plastic container. The air flow through the sidewalls does wonders for the root systems of anything you want to grow. It stops the problem of root-bound plants, increases their ability to use nutrients, and more, but also changes the environment inside the container. Some people tried the Smart Pot and discovered that their regular potting mix increased the need to water phenomenally. Instead of examining the situation to correct the issue, they up and declared that this is not...

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Manipulating Your Harvest With Light

Today, I stumbled onto a new use for LEDs that any indoor gardener will find interesting. It’s still in the experimental stage, but makes a lot of sense. You might just want to experiment with it too. The color of light tells any plant what they should be doing. Every indoor gardener knows that blue light is for vegetation, and red induces flowering and fruiting. It’s also common knowledge that plants use all the wavelengths from ultraviolet to far red in different portions to energize certain processes. That’s the simplified explanation. What plants do with various wavelengths of light gets very...

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The GrowCube

Between climate change, water availability, and population growth – the number of people working on solving the issue of feeding the world has exploded. Engadget currently looks interested at funding a new vertical farming unit known as GrowCube in it’s Insert Coin Expand NY program. GrowCube is an aeroponics system that if the funding is gained aims to supply both homes and commercial operations with a fully automated way to grow fresh food in any climate. Designed and developed by a software engineer, the units are beautifully futuristic. The home grower’s version is about the size of a dishwasher...

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The Gift That Continues To Give

Black Friday is coming. It’s just a week away. Before you get caught up in the shopping madness, consider the full value of a product gift versus a gift that produces. Why not give everyone something that will help them create fresh food? A garden is always a gift that just keeps on giving. Indoor garden equipment, systems and accessories are a gift that produces 12 months a year. Besides, everyone is tired of getting weird sweaters! It’s really easy for mom to start her own herbs indoor with seeds and the containers she probably has stashed in the...

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The Next Step In Sustainable Aquaponics

A lot of great innovations have been seen in indoor urban farming in the past few years. Most of them require not just a serious monetary investment to get rolling, they also use a lot of electricity for grow lights, heating, cooling and running various pieces of equipment. There are various ways to get around some of this, but these great ideas tend to be manual ah-ha discoveries, and not something that can be accurately controlled. Don’t get me wrong – every piece of the puzzle that emerges is awesome in it’s own right. It’s putting it together in...

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