December 2013 | Garden Culture Magazine

One More Reason to Go Organic

Fertilizer runoff isn’t the only thing that is polluting fresh water. That’s just the quickly and easily detected source of nitrate contamination from residential and agricultural synthetic fertilizer use . Recently it became known that this is only part of the nitrate issue. The big picture? It ain’t pretty. That bible verse about the sins of the fathers affecting the third and fourth generation comes to mind. In 1982 two different sets of researchers – at the Université Pierre et Marie Currie in France and the University of Calgary had the foresight to start a study on what really happens to 100%...

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How To (& How Not To) Grow Watermelon Indoors

If you’re new to this whole business of growing your own food it’s a bit hard to envision the space requirements of different plants. And sometimes, we simply forget over time how gargantuan some of them really are. Even with a large outdoor garden proportional memory of how big squash and watermelon vines grow gets hazy over the winter. Eyeballing the area when installing those tiny little plants in June makes you feel like there’s so much wasted space, but come late August you’re dragging the stems out of areas for other plants and the aisle trying to contain...

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Resident Evil

The longer you live, the more apparent it becomes that man is his own worst enemy. Some, through greed, lust, or an overpowering need to control everything, present the world with danger through hidden agendas disguised as benefits. Others and this would be the majority, are so busy specializing or being entertained that they are totally unaware of what is really happening to them or around them. They have better things to do. Failure to pay attention bears a price. What you don’t know can be harmful. Like this fact: it’s okay with the EPA if you ingest glyphosate,...

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China: Vertical Gardens On Massive Scale

While most of the countries around the world seem to be in an unannounced competition to outdo each other in either covering the exterior of a building with ornamental vertical gardens or converting rooftops of large buildings to farm space, China has been busy designing and erecting something far larger that offers a wider range of benefits. News of an acre or two under glass atop tall buildings in North America get tons of fanfare and positive press coverage. All mention about the mega farm/park/flower garden/city structure rising in China right now is skeptical; concentrated on doubts over its...

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Plant Intelligence Is Incredible

I’ve always said that plants are much smarter than most people assume. While science is just now learning how and why plants do many different things, it was apparent to me over a decade ago that plants bloom for three reasons: To attract pollinators To continue the species. To manipulate a human to take it home and care for it. Okay, so that last one might be a little far-fetched from a plant’s point of view. But it is what makes a person want to grow flowers in their yard. The attraction was there thousands of years ago, and...

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