January 2014 | Garden Culture Magazine

Growing Better Wheatgrass

Yes, you can grow wheatgrass in plain old water. You can also grow it in organic soilless potting mix. compost, coir, and of course, real soil.  While it may be cheaper and less messy to grow wheatgrass the hydroponic way in jars or glass bowls, it will have less nutrition as a plant. Less good stuff going in always means less good stuff coming out. Now it is true that a seed has stored nutrition to provide the fragile new life with what it needs to develop the beginning of a root system, and those adorable little newborn leaves....

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I Have Plants, But No Peppers!

Growing chiles and sweet peppers in the indoor garden is easy. Getting them to set fruit leaves many growers somewhat mystified. Either the plants never produce flowers, or all of the flowers fall off. What’s up with that? It would be great if there was a simple, straight forward answer to this dilemma, but the reason for your growing issues could be one or more of a number of things. Getting to the bottom of what’s going on in your grow room where pepper plants are concerned adds weight to the constant mantra that continual monitoring of everything in...

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Hydroponic Gardens as Mainstream Kitchen Appliances

Big names in home appliances may soon add kitchen hydroponics units to their lineup. When the Panasonic Smart Home products array includes hydroponic kitchen gardens already programmed to function with the cloud, there will no doubt be as much excitement over this ‘new’ concept as when the first microwave ovens hit the market. Everyone had to have one. Currently there are two models Panasonic has in the works. One is a mixed use fixture, and the other is a compact table top setup. Unlike nifty little hydroponic gadgets we’ve seen around for a few years, like the Aero Garden,...

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Propagating EDIBLE Bananas

There are three types of banana plants you can grow, or buy. They aren’t all edible. Bananas come in fruit, fiber, and ornamental varieties. If it is a banana, it will be in the Musa, Musella, or Ensete family. If it is an edible banana, it will likely be a Musa acuminata or Musa balbisiana, and if it’s a hybrid the species will be referred to as Musa ‘paradisiaca.’ Here’s the kicker – no edible banana is grown from seeds. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Hirt’s Greenhouse was offering Dwarf Cavandish Banana Tree Seeds on Amazon. Cavandish...

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Better Eggs from Backyard Chickens Without Grain

Not only that, your costs will plummet and the meat will be better too. The truth is that you don’t have to feed chickens grain, and they will be healthier birds if you don’t. Chickens raised in this manner don’t need drugs or vaccinations to remain disease-free. Imagine organic meat and eggs that are safer, and cheaper to produce. Chickens naturally prefer bugs, grubs and worms over that modern concoction so ingrained in raising chickens for meat or eggs. Before farm machinery entered the picture, chicken and eggs were a staple on every farm, but no one was feeding them grain....

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