February 2014 | Garden Culture Magazine

Windowsill Gardens Need No Grow Lights

Hmm… These lettuces disagree. They don’t look up to being a salad anytime soon. And that pitiful plant on the right is actually twice as old as the plant on the left. This isn’t a report on a windowsill garden that failed. It is a windowsill garden plotted to be dismal before it was started… to prove a point. I’ve been planning this post for about 8 weeks. It’s the first in a series. Inspired by artsy upcycled food cans, I saved a couple, washed them out, added drainage by knocking 8 holes in the bottoms with a big...

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10 Tips for Better Indoor Garden Control

The best way to get a bumper crop harvest is having a firm grip on their environment. An closed system is definitely what you want, and here’s 10 simple things you can do to help your plants make your grow room garden more efficient. In other words, these are steps you can take to improve your harvest. AIR CONTROL 1.  For plants in the vegetative, flowering, and fruit stages keep the temperature 10-15 degrees lower during the dark cycle. 2.  Remember that a breeze always makes the summer environment better, even for plants. Moving air in the indoor garden...

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Why MiracleGro and Hydroponics Should Never Mix

To the new grower’s mind N-P-K versus N-P-K appears to be the same thing, but it’s not. Nutrients formulated for growing in soil won’t give you good results when you dive into soilless gardening. Fertilizer and nutrients are not the same. A water-soluble garden fertilizer may instantly melt in water, but a hydroponic nute it does not make. Yes, hydro nutes are way more expensive than MiracleGro, however, even for soil-based growing, MiracleGro is not very good quality fertilizer. It’s just easy and ‘fool-proof’, not to mention you can buy it anywhere – including the dollar store. When was...

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Aquaponics Meets Interior Design

Most aquaponic garden systems would be outlawed in the living room due to their complete lack of aesthetic appeal. Additionally, they don’t exude soothing sound to increase the pleasantness of your indoor space. They are only good for two things; growing fish and growing veggies. As of this week though all of that has changed, thanks to a great idea come to life at The Aquaponic Source. Just in time for the Colorado Home & Garden Show, Sylvia Bernstein introduces some excellent new aquaponic gardening products, the most exciting of which is the line of AquaDesigner Living Fountains. Very...

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Battle of the Garden Gizmos

Can the cloud and WiFi garden gizmos turn you into a master gardener? Maybe. But you better buy the right gadget, especially with an indoor garden where you are the master of the universe. This isn’t a seen-one-seen-’em-all kind of scenario. Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor A couple of years ago the Koubachi hit the scene. With this brand you need a different wireless probe for outdoor plants than those grown inside. These measure moisture, temperature, and light intensity. A bit pricey at $99 each (or 99 Euros… depending where you live), even if they do cover multiple plants per probe....

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