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2014 Food Trends

The overall interest in fresh local foods continues to spiral upwards. SHS FoodThink finds that the #1 trend in food for this year is unprocessed food. That means either increasing your grocery budget to spend more at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, signing up for a CSA and hitting the farm market regularly, or growing your own. Chances are some people will do all three. Unless of course they definitely want to stick to locally grown foods. While you can get some low mile foods at these popular whole and fresh food chain stores, the freshest food possible will...

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What’s the Best Fish for Aquaponics?

Growing lettuce or herbs in your kitchen using an aquaponics system makes this a simple decision – you’re going to use betas or goldfish. No one has room for a tank that will house large, edible fish in their kitchen. To produce fish for the dinner table though, you do have options. A lot more variety than the common choice of Tilapia. The first thing to consider is your climate, because if you’re going to raise a lot of fish it means growing them outdoors, in a greenhouse, or a separate building from your home. Winters may be mild...

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DIY Pretty Hydroponics Containers

There aren’t many people who would want the standard hydroponic garden in the living area of their house. It doesn’t matter if you spent a lot of money on a pre-built system or built it yourself. Rain gutters do nothing for home decor, and no one wants a bright green or orange bucket with a bunch of pipes, tubes and cords hanging out of it in the kitchen, living room, or any other room they use everyday. Which a lot of people who don’t have a basement, insulated garage or empty closet they can hide their indoor garden in...

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Using Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

You’ll probably be miffed at yourself for tossing out coffee grounds by the end of this post, because they have a lot more value than you might suspect. You can use them for improving your compost and vermiculture bin, and also as mulch for the garden, but that’s just a broad synopsis of the benefits coffee grounds present to the organic gardener. A cubic yard of coffee grounds contains 10.31 pounds of nitrogen. Don’t just run out with this morning’s grounds and start laying them down. Its best to let them sit for a while before applying directly to...

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Something’s Eating My Tomatoes!

Hmm… what the heck is going on here? Is it an animal chowing down on your precious tomato plants? Maybe. Got deer problems? While they don’t normally eat tomato plants, occasionally a youngster decides to check out the flavor. It depends on how much of the plant is missing. A deer will only taste it, sipping off one young branch or two, perhaps merely stripping off the leaves. The damage you see in this image is a lot more invasive than a taste test… Best not to guess and pass on by though, because it’s more likely to be...

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