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Homegrown Expo

Just over one month away to the Homegrown Expo in Coventry UK. Looking like it’s going to be a success. We have been busy visiting shops and spreading the word about the show. In fact we have personally given out over 11,000 tickets. That is something that has never been done for an indoor gardening show any where in the world. We are not only inviting all the indoor gardening stores in the region personally but we are also visiting garden centers, universities and small commercial ag. companies. This is a show for anyone who loves to garden or...

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What’s the Best Hydroponics System?

Actually, there’s no wrong or right answer to the question. What you want to grow can determine the best hydroponic system for the task. Naturally, you will want to grow more than one type of plant in your garden. And while it might be the most budget-friendly option to have a single system in the beginning, it will limit what you can grow simultaneously due to nutrient needs from one crop to another. One way you can discover the answer of which type of hydroponics system is most efficient would be by staging a growing competition pitting one against...

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DIY Fully Automated Hydroponic Greenhouse

When you don’t have enough room inside your home to garden year round, many people start considering the notion of putting up a greenhouse. Building it yourself is a lot more attractive than buying one of those kits, and you’ll find lots of DIY greenhouse projects crafted from recycled windows. Sounds cool, but you’ll have lots of problems with soaring temperatures in summer, maintaining warmth in winter, and the glass over-magnifying the sun. Then there is the problem of things like hail and high wind-borne objects breaking the glass. Cheap kits are well, cheap – materials and construction. Flimsy...

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Vertical Gardening with Hydroponics in Soil

Well, not ground soil like you have in a backyard veggie garden, but an organic soilless medium and not the inorganic media typically seen in hydroponics. This system design is also simplified compared to the average hydroponics system you see. While the setup the guys at VEG in San Diego have designed might look like the same old thing at first glance – it’s not. Their modifications are not just interesting, they work very well. VEG, or Vertical Earth Gardens design, build and install gardens for restaurants in the area, and no doubt home growers as well. Now if...

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Thieves, Oil & Vinegar: Essential Concoctions

Did you know that there were a handful of people who held the secret to rendering themselves immune to the Bubonic Plague? Not by fleeing the city. Not by avoiding any confined space occupied by the diseased. These guys walked right into the thick of it and actually touched scores of its victims – but never caught the disease. They were thieves and getting richer every day by looting the jewels and valuables off the bodies and out of the homes of the scores of stricken people in Marseilles. Naturally, the king wasn’t very pleased over this situation, it...

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