June 2014 | Garden Culture Magazine

Seawater Hydroponics

It is impossible to grow any crop in water from the ocean. But it is possible to have a hydroponic system that gets its water from the sea. The same seawater that cools the greenhouse environment, and can restore outdoor plant life in a desert region. This remarkable and really exciting development was engineered by Seawater Greenhouses in London. Its a concept that grew from knowledge of lighting through his career in special effects and a fascination of how sun energy affects plant growth. It all started by the profound impression the lush tropical greenery made on Charlie Paton...

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Caviar: An Aquaponics Crop of Sturgeon Fish?

Until this morning I assumed that there was only one really big ticket harvest one could grow in any type of hydro system. My bad. There seems to be two. If you love caviar, I’m sure you’re going to find this aquaponics possibility very exciting. It’s a harvest that commands incredibly high market value. In the neighborhood of $8,000 per kilogram. Pairing aquaponics crops with sturgeon is something pretty new, and obviously exciting. Water Farmers in Toronto just released the announcement of their eggy plans on their Facebook page this week. Harvesting from wild sturgeons fish is pretty much outlawed on a...

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Convenience Is Costly

We posted a while ago about how much fresh drinking water is wasted on ice for chilling drinks and food in coolers every year. Never really thought about it until I read that article. I don’t use much ice, but most people I know do. It makes their life more convenient and pleasant. So do paper towels. Most households go through a lot of paper towels every week. I try not to, because using them isn’t necessary unless you’re cleaning up something really foul or will ruin a rag. It’s not like they’re free. Between the paper toweling in...

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Simplest Microgarden Ever

Well, besides putting potting soil in a container and sewing some seeds. InFarm’s microgarden crowdfunding campaign campaign closed a few days ago, and was beyond a success. They recieved over 170% of the funding they asked for to create and distribute their little growing gadget. InFarm is an urban farming/cafe company from Germany. It’s probably the only indoor garden you’ll ever see that fits inside a manila envelope. The seeds, the propagator, the growth media… it all ships flat in a standard envelope. A big cost savings there. The problem with potting soil is it needs rewetting regularly for...

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Grow Your Own Cabbage

Cabbage isn’t really difficult to grow, though insects are usually an issue when it’s grown outside. You can pretty well count on having to spray it with something to combat insects in the great outdoors, but it can be an organic product like AzaSol. You can also use summer weight row cover cloth to protect not just cabbages, but any other plants growing outdoors from damaging pests. If you’re just trying to protect a small bed or some containers – create tents out of it – easily accomplished, and the fabric is way less expensive than sprays. Can You...

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