July 2014 | Garden Culture Magazine

The Real Soil Experiment

I call it my ‘pet tomato’, because it’s special. A distinction that brought the local progressive garden shop owner to think that I have just one tomato plant this summer. Heck no, I have 30 other ones out in the garden. This one is distinctive. The heirloom fruits are supposed to hit 1-2 pounds, and because of that getting a vine-ripened harvest means protective cover for at least a month, maybe six weeks. Only the unexperienced grow 85-day tomatoes outside in the north end of the northern states without giving them shelter from early frost. Temps can hit the...

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Computerized Indoor Kitchen Garden

They call it the Urban Cultivator, but I can see where it would be just as welcome in the suburban or rural home too. Sure, they may have space for growing outdoors, which makes it much easier to grow fresh herbs and greens than it would for someone living in a high-rise in the city. However, there are things like cold seasons and soaring temperatures that make outdoor growing an issue for many. Martha Stewart has one of these Urban Cultivator indoor gardens, and everyone knows she has extensive gardens outdoors at multiple homes – for food, and flowers....

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How To Make Your Own Dutch Buckets

When you want to grow larger fruiting plants hydroponically, like beefy tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, you will want to give them more rooting space than crops like lettuce. Both tomato and pepper plants will live a long time allowing for a continuous harvest of fresh produce without the need to start your crop over. Naturally, since they will live for more than a year, they do get large. Pepper plants won’t get anywhere near the size of a large fruiting tomato, but they are the size of a shrub over time. The best hydro system for these types of...

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You’re Too Stupid for GMO Labeling

And if you are part of the movement demanding to know exactly what is in your food, you are a fear monger hell bent on scaring people away from GM foods. That’s exactly what the experts who want GMO labeling banned in the US told the congressional panel last week. They labeled you as an alarmist who just wants to spread fear. You could be a bag boy, a block layer, a chiropractor, or a rocket scientist… your education level is immaterial. As is your right to know what you are eating, because unless you are pro-GMO, you are...

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The Secret to A Weed-Free Garden

So, how’s the weeding going for you this summer? You have all my sympathy. I know exactly how hard it is to keep on top of eradicating weeds. But I don’t have weeds in my veggie garden anymore. It’s practically weed-free, and will be all season long. No chemicals. No all weekend weeding frenzies. No hiring someone to help catch up. It’s the most awesome thing having a kitchen garden that only needs watering, and maybe 2-3 hours a month clearing a couple of 4″ wide unprotected strips that can’t really be done any other way. You see, there’s...

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