August 2014 | Garden Culture Magazine

Smart Raised-Bed Gardening

There are a lot of benefits to growing in raised beds, but like any other way of growing veggies outdoors, keeping it watered properly can become an issue. Something anyone with a hectic week in the hottest part of the summer has discovered. This is especially true when the raised bed has a barrier between ground soil below, or is sitting on a paved surface where no wicking up of deeply stored moisture is possible. Relying on that nifty looking old watering can, or the spray nozzle on the end of the hose means you have to have time...

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Grow Your Own Protein

Can you do that in an indoor garden? Only if it’s big enough to produce a sizable harvest of legumes, seeds, and nuts. Since most people have no space large enough for almond or pecan trees, soybean or sunflower fields inside their home the answer is definitely no. It’s also not likely that you have room outdoors to have a milk cow or some feeder beef just beyond the balcony or patio. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no way to produce protein at home. There are plenty of people who figure out how to grow a good...

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Spinach, TVs, Home Theaters, and Radishes

Sounds like a Walmart shopping list, but it’s not. Electronics manufacturer, Panasonic, now has an urban farming division. Talk about diversity, the distance between making TVs and growing veggies is pretty big. However, Panasonic didn’t become the globally known brand that they are without making wise decisions. It’s unlikely that this will be a flash in the pan diversion. They are just as savvy to the food supply problems as the next guy anywhere in the world. Maybe more so with their South Asia division being in a country that imports over 90% of it’s food. It’s a first...

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Monsanto’s Seed Monopoly Expanding

The ball lands in tomatoland again, but this is a totally different development than Monsanto’s fraudulent claim on the patent application for a seed bank tomato variety earlier this summer. Were you surprised that they tampered with the paperwork necessary to file for a patent? Shame on you. But that’s old news… from June. This is fresh stuff. Now Monsanto claims to have developed tomato plants that can grow under 24 hours of light a day. Of course, they’re all up in the factory farming scene, and here’s a third shift that will be payroll tax-free. It will require...

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Total Grow Room Control… From Anywhere

The success of the indoor garden depends on your ability to control the environment. While the gardener has an array of individual monitors and controllers available, the hard-wired PC system, and the option of hiring an IT whiz to engineer total environmental control… for most growers, the possibilities are complicated to balance, limiting in access, and/or have limited capabilities based on garden size. Of course, you can overcome size limitations by adding more controllers, never leave home, or call in the IT guys – which will have a cost factor that is beyond the budget for most indoor gardeners....

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