September 2014 | Garden Culture Magazine

10 Year Old Dirt Tycoon

Well, at least I think he’s 10. He might still be 9, I’m not sure when Carter Schmidt’s birthday is. He’s quite an enterprising kid for his age, and perhaps America’s youngest dirt tycoon. It began with just Carter, but from what I understand, he’s now got a posse of kids helping with the weekly collections of kitchen waste for Carter’s Compost business in Traverse City, Michigan. How did a boy get started in the dirt manufacturing business? It started with his dad wishing for more compost for the garden. Ty Schmidt had heard of other community composting programs,...

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Basil: Grow Your Own Seed

For most people growing herbs their goal is to keep the plant from flowering as long as possible. The last thing a home gardener wants is for their supply of tasty pot herbs to bolt, because the majority of them will not have the desired flavor once the plant starts building blooms. Some herbs can taste terrible once the growth stage shifts like this, but the will give you a great supply of seed to grow new crops from. Like any fruit or vegetable, getting the desired result from collected seed means knowing when to pick it. Basil is...

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Propagation Planning: An Endless Supply of Lettuce

Crop rotation in the indoor garden is way different than the backyard gardener is used to. Outside, you plant 90% of what you’ll harvest though summer and fall in the spring. Not much need for planning or scheduling out there, but growing indoors means you’ll have to come up with a program. Your space here is much more limited, and if you’re going to enjoy a continuous harvest of fresh food, propagation needs to be taken a lot more seriously. Lettuce is one of the most commonly grown indoor garden crops. It’s easy and has fewer demands than fruiting...

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Neonic Pesticides Lawsuit: Canadian Beekeepers Seek Damages

Damages and losses sought from Bayer and Syngenta tally some $450 million CAD. It’s about time someone did something besides talk and file reports on the plight of bees in the face of neonictinoid pesticides. A class action lawsuit was filed on Sept. 2nd in London, Ontario on behalf of all Canadian beekeepers, including Canada’s largest producers – Sun Parlor Honey Ltd., and Munro Honey. The legal action took place thanks to new information recently released from several parties pinpointing not just the instant death of scads of bees from planting dust, but delayed disease and colony collapse due...

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Pigs CAN Fly

At least they do in China. No genetic engineering involved, just some genuine farmer ingenuity. Airborne porkers aren’t entertainment, or a hoax. Currently, there’s a discussion raging on a popular Chinese website about whether one farmer’s solution is abusive to his animals or not. Some of the comments say it looks like fun to them. It’s not like Sying P’an is shooting them out of a cannon. They aren’t traveling at high rates of speed, or even flying long distance. Faced with a dilemma, an agricultural engineer must put on his strategy for correction cap and find an appropriate...

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