October 2014 | Garden Culture Magazine

The Best Hydroponic Media

Which one is it? A question that every newcomer to hydro gardening has. The answer isn’t as simple as the inquiry though. It depends on the system you’re going to use, and over time you will probably try out different kinds based on suggestions made in forums, blog article opinions, and the stuff the local hydroponic store clerk recommends. Sometimes, it’s not which particular media is best, but which blend. Seasoned growers many times have a mix they’ve developed that they prefer. Then there is the quest for the cheapest growing media. The more new grows you start, the...

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Soap & Salad: Chicago Style

Coastal green cleaning and urban rooftop farming converge in America’s Heartland on Chicago’s South Side. Method Products from San Fran, and Gotham Greens from Brooklyn have recently announced a partnership in sustainability at Method’s new manufacturing facility in the Pullman Neighborhood. The world’s largest rooftop hydroponic farm will be operational there in Spring 2015. That’s not all there is to get bubbly about on this project. It’s the first of it’s kind in many ways. This is the first U.S. production facility for Method, and the first ever LEED Platinum-certified production plant in the packaged goods industry. It’s also...

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Sustainable Jewelry? Seeds Are Beautiful

Not just any old seeds. These are carefully curated heirloom seeds, mostly beans and corn. Many of the pieces are so striking and the seeds used selected for their perfection of shape that you don’t realize that those aren’t glass or stone beads – but seeds. A labor of love not a good match for the average crafter, Debra Groat of Saverine Creek Heirlooms chooses only the choicest seed from her organic heirloom garden. The rest get eaten over the winter, or are sown in spring to replenish her jewelry making supplies. Long ago, seeds were used for adornment,...

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Last Chapter: Pet Tomato Chronicles

It was a novel idea that bore exceptional fruit, a trial grow I never anticipated covering on the site until it was too late to provide concrete comparisons. Here it is – that lush first fruit from the ‘pet tomato’ featured in three previous posts this summer. It was probably the most delectable of most of those grown here this year. Not that any of the ones picked from this plant later were found lacking in flavor, it’s hard to compare anything to a Green Zebra – they’re in a class all their own. This fruit, like the plant...

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Capturing The Sun

Got a crappy camera on your smartphone? It might not be as useless as you think it is. This discovery makes up for a lot of the inferior photos mine takes… catching invisible bands of sunlight on film. Notice how the shadow of the one tomato in the foreground is broken as the band is falling in front of it? Pretty crazy. Totally cool! I almost deleted this whole series of photos before I saw them on a big screen, and so happy it would have been too tedious to leave them out when transferring a large amount of...

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