December 2014 | Garden Culture Magazine

Ocean Salt Water Hydroponic Gardens

Growing food in arid places along the sea shore using salt water is a lot more feasible than you think. The Jellyfish Barge designed by Pnat in Italy produces its own fresh water to fuel the nutrition for their hydroponic crops. This may not be the first floating farm to come along, but it’s unique and has already leapt from concept to a working garden. Much like that floating dock in the middle of a lake, this recently revealed indoor garden barge floats on repurposed plastic barrels, but harvested sea water and the desalinated product are also making use...

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Grow Some Graffiti

You certainly can’t eat moss, though some plants called ‘moss’ from the Lychin family are edible. However, you can do some really cool vertical gardening that offers the opportunity to express yourself in words or artistry. And growing moss is really easy, it’s a super low maintenance plant that needs very little sunlight and minimal water. In fact, moss can live just on the humidity in the air in some climates. Say hello to moss graffiti. You can create anything from signs to silhouettes – even scenic interludes. I’ve seen newly installed landscape boulders and patios or walkways ‘aged’...

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Awesome Cold Climate Aquaponics

Living in the frigid north is at times really limiting for gardeners, but some savvy folks have figured out how to grow food year around outdoors with aquaponics. The secret is surprisingly inexpensive too. It will make you wonder why it never came to mind before. Repurposing used refrigerators and freezers. Now as freezers go, these are so inconvenient, making them cheap to score on Craigslist. If no longer in working condition, they will be free! None on Craigslist? Check at the local dump. I’ve heard of hunters hauling frozen meat from big game expeditions across the country without...

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Is Organic Really Safe Food?

That depends. Not everything organic is non-toxic. Look at how many poisonous plants there are that can kill you or your animals if ingested. What about the plants that cause skin irritation, and those that eat insects? We have plants that make you ill, kill you, and those that make you itch like mad – all with different levels of toxicity, and even toxicity levels that vary from one person or animal species to another. Pesticides approved for use on certified organic crops can be stuff you really want to avoid consuming. Because they are natural extractions, instead of...

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Root: The Bigger Countertop Hydro Garden

The latest news in indoor garden systems is the arrival of Root, a smart phone interactive micro hydroponic garden that will interest those who find that gadgets like the Aerogarden as simply too small. After all, should you have to buy two of them to be able to grow enough on the counter top? That’s certainly not compact anymore. Root could change that problem with one unit. It gives you space to grow 16 plants in one system, on a single small footprint. Not only that, but it looks like they all have more space to spread out too...

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