January 2015 | Garden Culture Magazine

Surviving With Aquaponics

The practice of using fish waste to grow fresh vegetables, and raising meat at the same time is catching on everywhere. Awareness that there are more efficient ways to feed the world than previously believed is spreading fast, but what if you had no way to get to food? Not being snow bound for a few days in winter, or found yourself stuck in some inner city food desert. What if were you lived was the middle of a war zone? A city under fire that you cannot escape makes living in even the worst neighborhoods appear desirable. With most...

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CounterCrop Hydro Garden

A new indoor garden Kickstarter campaign recently closed a resounding success. This small hydroponic system, CounterCrop, was designed by horticultural lighting company, Intelligent Light Source, who makes advanced LED grow lights for commercial growers. Compared to other hydroponic garden systems Kickstarter has hosted this one has done better at gathering start-up funds than most. In fact, the landed 25% of their initial $75,000 goal in the first week of the campaign. So, what’s so special about CounterCrop? The most important part of any indoor garden – the grow light. But lets start with the outside and work into the...

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Build Your Own Geodesic Greenhouse

Indoor gardening in a greenhouse does offer you a lot more growing space than a grow tent inside the house, and if you’re interested in getting into aquaponics to raise meat along with your veg, it’s almost a must-have thing. Unlike fruits and vegetables, you can’t grow an efficient fish harvest in only 3-5 months. And while you can rig up a little geodesic dome pretty easily, there are ‘plans’ out there that won’t hold up for long. A collapsed grow space equals total failure. What a waste of your time and energy! In a cold climate, it spells...

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EU Relinquishes GMO Control

Perhaps the pressure to get with the program became too great, and rather than give in to the GMO seed biotech companies, Parliament passed the responsibility onto individual nations in a landslide vote on Tuesday. It is now up to local governments whether to ban or allow growing GMO crops. Not all genetically modified crops are set to take up residence on European soil come spring planting though, there are only 8 GE seed varieties that have been approved as safe to eat by the EFSA. Still, this is not acceptable in the eyes of many organic farmers or...

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Getting Graphic With Plants… 3D

Did you know you could do this with ornamental grasses? If you don’t see them in that photo – look closer. That’s not an orangutan – it’s a grass topiary hanging from that tree limb. Totally awesome! No the grass isn’t dead, it’s very much alive. They planted this animal using a brown weeping sedge from the Carex family. Makes you want to rush out, and gather the supplies to try something like this on your own. Hang tight, by the bottom of this page your urge will go off the charts. Topiary shaping of evergreen shrubs, moss covered...

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