February 2015 | Garden Culture Magazine

Build A Better Compost Tumbler

There’s no shortage of people who want to show you how to build a compost tumbler, but not all of them have gone about it properly. It’s surprising just how many flawed DIY designs are out there. If you’re going to make your own, it’s because you want good compost yo build great soil. Do your garden a huge favor… engineer it right so you’ve got excellent quality compost ready as fast as possible. For starters, the size of the barrels most people are using makes them think they can just keep adding fresh waste all year long, and miraculously black...

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Print Your Own Hydroponics?

Sounds pretty crazy, but yes, you can print parts you need for homemade hydroponics system using the 3Dponics App for 3D printers. The first thing that came to mind when I saw it this was wondering why anyone would even want to do that. It’s not like recycling or repurposing where the materials are free or super cheap. A 3D printer is an expensive machine, and the filament isn’t cheap, especially since it would be wise to insist that it’s a food-grade plastic. This means you want the PET filament which will sit you back almost double what the...

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GMO Labeling Mythbuster

This video makes an interesting point. She stops short of mentioning that such an increase would very likely make any product labeled for GMOs no longer competitively priced. Did you notice how much the cost of food shot up when food manufacturers slapped Sugar Free on labels? How about Low Fat, Low Carb, Lactose Free, or Fortified with Calcium? Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher… Free Prize Inside! They have no problem identifying other major selling points or health benefits – real or perceived. Or did the evening news axe the story on lawsuits against people on special diets? The Consumer’s...

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New GMO Wave

Who opened the valve on GMOs? Wave after wave of fresh genetically modified foods and crops news have rolled over our news sensors in the past couple of weeks. Probably the most important is this announcement: No Scientific Consensus on GMO Safety Not a rumor. It’s a fact. The much bantered about scientists concur that GMOs pose not threat to the environment or people’s health? It’s a manipulative media message on the part of those whose interests are invested in the success of GMOs and their crop inputs. They created the myth that broad scientific approval supports all things...

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Nutrients: How Sweet It Is

Or isn’t, depending on your latest harvest’s tastiness. Should you have used a different nutrient, or is something else amiss in the indoor garden when your strawberries could be sweeter, or your tomatoes richer flavored? You can’t just add some sugar. Flavor is a delicate thing to achieve. One that relies on a number of inputs, including your growing environment. Now, if you’re not using high quality nutes, this could be part of why your tomatoes are bland, or your berries don’t taste up to par. Low priced hydroponic nutrients are less expensive for a reason. You want top...

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