March 2015 | Garden Culture Magazine

Extend Your Harvest’s Freshness

Garden fresh goodness is fleeting, though your homegrown produce will outlast anything you buy at the grocery store. What if you could extend the shelf life of the fruits and veggies you grow without freezing and canning it all? There’s this stuff called FreshPaper that can make that possible. People who shop at Whole Foods, Sprouts, or Wegman’s may have seen it on display, perhaps they’re already using it. But anyone who lives far from such a grocery store is likely to never heard of it. There’s not a huge marketing campaign going on. This won’t be something you...

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Vertical Farming Arrives in Newark, NJ

At the moment, AeroFarms consists of a single 5 tier rack of aeroponically-grown greens, but they’ve got both financial-sector backing, and the space to grow phenomenally. Recent headlines popped up all over the internet claiming this to be the ‘largest vertical farm in the world’. I question how this is possible though when their 69,000 square foot space is about 25% less than Farmed Here has in Chicago, and a shelf shorter too. Still, AeroFarms broadcasts their expected annual production at 2 billion pounds, while other huge indoor vertical farms are turning out 1-1.5 million pounds a year. Bear...

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Propagating Sweet Peppers

Did you know that they recently made 2015 Sweet Pepper Year? I don’t know about you, but my garden must have some pepper plants. Not only are they packed with awesome nutrients, peppers are also great tasting. Peppers are easy to grow from seed too, and if you grow heirloom peppers, you’ll be able to save seed for the next year’s crop. One thing you should know about growing your own bell peppers from seed is that they are super slow to germinate and develop. In some climate zones it’s already too late to start pepper seeds for the...

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How To Grow Better Potatoes

Urban gardening enthusiasts find all kinds of ways to grow food, but not every container and method gives you awesome results. This is especially true with veggie plants that have large root systems, which potato plants do. But they need depth more than they do room to spread, so there’s a trend for growing potatoes in garbage cans, garbage bags, wooden crates, stacked tires, and hardware cloth enclosures. If it will hold dirt and looks feasible to the non-plant partner in this project… people are growing in it. The most popular container will be free, recycled trash. Next comes...

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Uprooted Urban Farm Deeded Land

No one is too surprised when news of urban gardeners being tossed off the ground they work, disappointed perhaps, but never shocked. But here’s a tale of urban farmers getting the boot with a silver lining. For about 30 years the vacant land under heavy air traffic at St. Louis International Airport in Kinloch, Missouri has produced mighty fine crops, though the very reason it is unoccupied destroyed a community. Kinloch is the oldest African American city in the USA, and a next door neighbor to St. Louis, but in the 1980s the airport acquired a large chunk of...

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