April 2015 | Garden Culture Magazine

Keeping Deer Out of The Garden

Thousands of people a week look for the solution to this dilemma… how to protect plants from deer. It isn’t easy, especially in the city where deer have very little to eat buy your veggies, flowers, and landscaping. But the hardest of all of these to stop deer from damaging or eating completely is your fruit and vegetable plants. Growing only edibles that deer aren’t supposed to like is not the answer. When hungry enough, deer will eat any plant that isn’t poisonous to them. Sure, there are deer repellents, and unlike only a few years ago, most of...

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Seed Starting Problems?

Even when you know a good deal about propagating from seed, you can still find yourself puzzled over why you’re having problems getting your veggie garden seedlings started. Last year my germination troubleshooting on what was wrong with my trays of tomatoes and peppers led me to suspect it was the potting mix used. All the cells that nothing sprouted in I had a terrible time keeping moist – even under a humidity dome! I decided there was something wrong with the spot in the bag that they were filled with, the coir in a third of them simply...

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Save Seed Sharing Campaign

Last summer when Pennsylvannia’s Department of Agriculture shut down the seed library at the Mechanicsville Public Library stating that they were breaking laws the news went viral with gardeners, off-griders, and food activists blasting thousands of complaints into the blogosphere. Now sustainable economy attorney, Neil Thapar, having studied these laws for many states, reports that this isn’t a case of a zealous ag agent over-interpreting regulations written to protect farmers, and mail order seed shoppers from unscrupulous seed dealers. Seed sharing is definitely illegal in 30% of the United States. It’s perfectly understandable why the commercial segment of such...

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London’s 1st Commercial Aquaponic Farm

It’s also a first for all of the United Kingdom. An exciting milestone for Kate Hofman and Tom Webster at GrowUp Box, who have finally had their dream come to fruit. After a couple years of growing tilapia and veg in a traveling shipping container with a greenhouse on the roof, the team has the funding and support needed to expand their operation in a permanent home. It’s been a busy week at GrowUp who is currently set up at Roof East on the 8th level of Stratford Multi Storey Car Park where they were surprised by a visit from...

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The True Price of Produce

Concerned about where those tomatoes at the grocery store came from? You’re probably worried about the pesticides they might have been treated with too. For a growing group of people, buying food with low mileage is also becoming more important. Yes, all of this has people turning to local farmers markets, and growing their own, but the really troublesome factor in the modern fresh food system is a lot worse. Not too many people even think about the farm workers so important to the fresh produce industry. If it weren’t for this massive army of hard workers willing to...

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