May 2015 | Garden Culture Magazine

The Importance of Homemade Fertilizer

It’s pretty convenient to rip open a bag, pop the top on a sprinkle canister – and deliver a perfectly measured dose of plant nutrition in the garden. Things will soon drastically change. You, the every gardener, flowers or backyard veggie patch, even container growers, might want to discover how to make your own fertilizer. Sure, organic gardeners have long dabbled in concocting their own sources of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium – but they’ve always had something to fall back on if need be. Something that might be either impossible, or one day give you sticker shock, and according...

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Homegrown Expo 2015 This Weekend

Are you going to Coventry? It’s the best urban gardening show in the UK – The Homegrown Expo 2015 – an event that the progressive gardener won’t want to miss. And better yet, entry into Ricoh Arena for this event is free for the public day – Saturday, 30th of May. So, you’ll only have to cover travel to the heart of the West Midlands, and perhaps overnight lodging if you’ve come from afar, but it’s well worth the trek. There’s a world of great things just waiting for you discover at the Homegrown show.Everyone who is anyone in...

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Best DIY Hydroponic Strawberry Tower

Tower gardens are perfect for producing more in a small space, and they’re perfect for a strawberry crop. But like any other system you can buy, a lot of would-be hydroponic and aquaponic gardeners face sticker-shock when investigating getting set up to grow. Sometimes you just gotta get started with¬†what your current budget will allow though, and the good news is that there are ways to do that with a homemade system. A homemade strawberry tower that do-it-yourselfers have built that works well is still going to cost between $75 and $150 – depending on where you live, and...

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Media Matters… A Lot

While shopping for seed starting supplies this winter, I came across this growing media called, Wonder Soil. Never heard of it, but the reviews on that shopping site were all extremely positive. So, I dug deeper, researching user reviews on any store site that sold the stuff. People were raving about how awesome it was… everywhere. Okay, now we have to try it out too. But first, shop wisely. If you buy Wonder Soil from Home Depot – you’re going to pay way too much! Seriously, even with shipping costs included from elsewhere, there’s no discount from the Depot,...

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Oil & Water Do Mix

And this is probably the last thing you wanted to hear today, but… oilfield wastewater from oil production is used to irrigate crops in one of California’s highest producing agricultural counties. Ten percent of Kern County farms get a discounted price on used water from Chevron oil fields. Water that has tested positive for toxic chemicals like acetone and methylene chloride. It’s not just a little bit of water either. It takes about 10 barrels of water to pull 1 barrel of crude oil out of these old wells in Kern County. While farmers in the drought stricken region...

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