June 2015 | Garden Culture Magazine

The Alien Grow Room

If you think that there’s a lot involved in getting your grow room properly outfitted to produce a successful harvest, consider how much more involved it would be if you were somewhere other than Earth. Sure, it would be easier to just pour tap water into your hydro system reservoir without testing the pH or measuring it’s natural EC before dumping in the nutrients, but you can’t pour anything in space… it would not end up where you wanted it in zero gravity. Even your hair would stand up or out, not down. The grow room environmental control issues...

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Monsanto’s New Power Grab

Don’t get all excited over the news that the Roundup class action suit in California now being opened to include anyone, anywhere in the US. You didn’t hear about that? According to LA attorney Phillip, the lawsuit is under media blackout anyway. False advertising claims are nothing compared to what’s brewing in Washington. If everything in the works goes Monsanto’s way there will be… “No Labels, No Safety Testing, No GMO-Free Zones” Under that headline, Millions Against Monsanto reports that the corporation is poised to take all control away from the population and governments of the world through two measures they’re working...

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Lettuce Not: Kratky Hydroponics DIY

Growing food in the windowsill has millions trying it, but not everything you read out there in blogland should be taken to heart… like growing herbs in tea cups. Cute, but not very productive. Recycling empty food containers is hot too, and I’ve seen the coffee can trick shown off on a number of sites, so naturally I had to experiment. At least this container is big enough to allow for some root growth. And so began my Kratky hydroponics DIY lettuce grow using the sun for light. That was in late March. As you can see in the photo...

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Compost: Making Super Garden Soil

It’s hard to envision while you stand there pondering the rotting mass of a compost pile that the wheel of life is turning inside there. Yesterday’s weeds, clippings, vegetable peelings, and the lot are transforming through death into the fuel for future life. There’s magic happening in there you’ll never find in any bag or jug of plant food. Compost is bigger than a fertilizer, and more than a healing agent for your soil. It is what makes continuing life possible, and sustainable. You might think compost is trendy, a new age approach to gardening, but it’s as old...

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Grow Mammoth Tomatoes

To the tomato lover who gardens, a ‘large’ tomato is one that you only need one slice to cover a piece of bread. To grow tomatoes that will cover an entire plate? Only, if you plant Big Zac tomatoes. Look at that thing! You could feed a village with a single fruit. No, it’s not photoshopped. Big Zac is super huge. The largest one grown to date was over 8 pounds. The one in that image above just tipped past 4 pounds on the scale, and the gardener was wise to pick it when he did because there are...

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