August 2015 | Garden Culture Magazine

Swapping Pigs for Aquaponic Farming

After 25 years the hogs are gone, and the aquaponics tanks are going in. Not that the pork business is belly up, Rob Davis, a second generation pig farmer in Lodi, Wisconsin made a fair living raising pigs. But life is all about changes, and his path to switching to naturally grown foods and aquaponic farming began a couple years ago when he was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. It was operable, but his chances of surviving the surgery weren’t good, and so he decided to take a different route to battling the disease. He chose a holistic...

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Weird Tomatoes: Hormones or Hybrids?

On a trip to the hardware store for some bamboo stakes I stumbled onto something very intriguing… Tomato Blossom Set. The label caught my eye as I passed the shelf – it said: “Speeds Harvest”. Really? What is this stuff? Aah plant hormones. Interesting. We just ran a Grubbycup article about the benefits of natural plant hormones in the Spring 2015 issue of the magazine: see US 6/UK 8. And so, I had to see if it works, because speeding up the time of harvesting tomatoes is something any Northern gardener will try. We’re in a hurry, all trying to beat early frosts. So...

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5 Growing Hydroponic Trends

In the fall of 2012 when we launched our original website the world at large viewed hydroponics much differently than today. Most news related to hydroponic gardening were pot growing busts, followed by a smattering of school biology projects, and some food producer startups. There were actually places in the world brimming with technology where the cutting edge residents had never heard of hydroponics, let alone being able to grow food indoors. The guy who owned the web design company in Nepal that created the first Garden Culture website theme was amazed that he could grow his veggies in...

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Straw Bale Gardening 2

Things are looking pretty good out there now that we’re almost into mid-August. Straw bale gardening has presented me with challenges just as much as it’s been amazing despite chilly nights all summer, and except for one 10-day stretch of hot days, the average temp this year has been around 74 degrees F. Still the heat in the bales has improved the growth rate for this environment. Dealing with all that wheat sprouting in the bales turned out to be not such a problem after all. It’s pretty easy to pull once the stems get a bit tougher, though...

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Correcting Climate Naturally

We don’t need technology to reverse climate change. That will only help big business. We don’t need carbon taxes or credits to reduce the harmful amount of  carbon or CO2 in the air. Science has discovered a direct connection between degraded soils from traditional farming and weather extremes a.k.a. climate change. About 25% of the carbon in our atmosphere comes from traditional agriculture, organic farming included. They’re not returning the carbon holding materials to the soil that inhibits this undesirable condition made possible from tilling and soil left uncovered. Even organic farming isn’t regenerating soil health. The secret lies closer...

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