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Product Spotlight

M.O.A.T. – Mother of all Tents

12.0 x 6.0 x2.4m / 39,44 x 19,82 x 7,10ft.

The Mammoth Elite HC1200L is the largest high-quality tent in the industry.

The modular (connectable) system and 100% water-proof floor allows you to expand the M.O.A.T. at all sides! Sufficient height and smartly positioned ventilation in-/outlets for better air handling and installation of cooling systems. The heavy-duty framework,  a 100% light-proof sealing, and with the use of Panda Webbing and Mylar for optimized reflection, this mobile climate room is the Mother of all of tents.

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CYCO Outback Series

Created with outdoor commercial and greenhouse growers in mind.

A slow-release, organic based granulated fertilizer designed to provide your plants with the same high-quality inputs you have come to expect from the CYCO brand of fertilizers.

  • Cyco Vegetive is a unique blend of materials specially formulated for vigorous, sustained vegetative growth. A concentrated non-synthetic product, Cyco Vegetive also encourages microbial activity leading to better overall well-structured soils.
  • Cyco Flowering is a specially blended fertilizer with boosted levels of soluble potash specifically added to aid flower and fruit development.
  • Cyco Seeweed Mix combines manure, Kelp and fish tankage to help maximize your plant’s unique visual and aromatic traits.

Available in 10 Kg and 20 Kg Bags. Visit for more information.

Grotek Precision Nutrients

Hydrofarm now offers the Grotek Precision line, a 3-part system of base nutrients designed to be a full-cycle fertilizer package. Suitable for soilless and hydroponic production systems, Grotek Precision supplies essential micronutrients in optimized ratios to meet the demands of heavy feeding crops.

The system consists of three components: Precision Micro provides nitrogen, potassium, and added calcium for plant structure and growing fruit; Precision Grow delivers phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and high levels of nitrogen for lush, green growth in the vegetative stage; and Precision Bloom provides phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and magnesium for increased production of flowers and fruit. All three formulas include kelp extract for trace elements and phyto-active compounds for maintaining healthy plants. Grotek Precision nutrients are highly concentrated – 1L makes 500L of solution.  Available in seven sizes, from 500ml to 1000L.

Visit for more information.

Hydrofarm Announces Strategic Partnership with Argus Controls

Advanced environmental systems and services for horticultural production in the United States and Canada  

Argus provides advanced environmental control systems that are customized to each grower’s requirements while also being adaptable to changing needs. Combining a thorough understanding of greenhouse and indoor growing environments with unique technology for irrigation control and nutrient management, Argus provides a complete controls solution for a full range of horticultural facilities.

“Argus and Hydrofarm are aligned in our deep horticultural history and passion for technological advancement. Our mission is to provide the best horticultural automation systems with best in class results. Together with Argus, we are able to provide clients with a customized controls solution that will enable them to achieve their goals,” said Hydrofarm CEO Peter Wardenburg.

RediRoot Plastic Air-Pruning Container

Hydrofarm now offers RediRoot Plastic Air-Pruning Containers. The slatted design reduces and often eliminates circling roots and provides an ideal environment for air root pruning to occur. Air root pruning is a process where a plant’s roots are pruned as they grow rather than when they are transplanted: when a root tip comes in contact with the air, it sends a signal to the plant to produce more lateral roots, creating a dense, fibrous root structure. Healthier roots reduce transplant shock, leading to healthier plants and increased yields. RediRoot features raised feet for 360-degree aeration, allowing your growing medium to dry evenly, drastically reducing the possibility of wet spots and root rot. Made from recycled materials, RediRoot Air-Pruning Containers are BPA-free and UV resistant.

Visit to find out more.

Roots Organics CalMag

Exclusive at Hydrofarm

Ideal for fast-growing and heavy feeding plants, CalMag is a pure and all-natural blend of calcium, magnesium, and sulfur to support plants during fast growth. CalMag is derived from kieserite and gypsum and is free of added nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. This gives you control to supplement as needed without affecting primary fertility input ratios. Use in combination with high-quality base fertilizers like Roots Organics Buddha Grow and Buddha Bloom. CalMag is Registered Organic Input Material by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, so it’s appropriate for use in organic production and is verified to comply with the California Fertilizing Materials Law and Regulations and USDA National Organic Program Standards.

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DLI Joule & CRI

Dutch Lighting Innovations introduces 2 new lights in their HID series known as the Joule and CRI. 1000w, 630w, 315w and soon to come, 750w models, all feature the patented technology found in the #FLOWERSONLY reflector.  Exactly as implied, this grow light is specifically made to operate for horticultural use on flowers and has improved all aspects of efficiencies that high-end growers demand in their gardens. Whether for indoor or greenhouse use, see why DLI’s are turning some heads.

Check out to learn more.

Iluminar’s CMH Series DE 630W Fixture

Ceramic Metal Halide’s (CMH) lamps are the newest lamp tech to hit the indoor growing market. In the past 5 years, they have grown in popularity the world over. CMH light spectrum is designed to be closer to sunlight –  plants receive a broader range of wavelengths of truly usable light. CMH lamps provide more UV light compared to other types of grow lights. Iluminar fixtures are compatible with CMH, HPS, and MH lamps.

When a larger yield is desired, the ILUMINAR CMH DE Fixture competitive edge is the solution.

Iluminar’s CMH range includes the 315 Single Lamp, the 630 Dual Lamp and the 630 DE.

Visit for more information.


P&L Grow Systems introduces theMinder  

Once again, I have found a product I can not live without.

Accurate data is key if you really want to know what is going on in your growing environment. Especially when things are going wrong or are not perfect. The Minder is an inexpensive tool that allows you to see the air temperature, humidity, soil temperature (or nutrient temp) and VPD in your grow room on your phone, iPad or computer, 24/7. It will also alert you if something is wrong and has a nifty display that will show you if your environment is not optimal for your plants. Logged data and easy to read charts make exactly what is going on in there very clear.

This little device has taught me more about my grow room dynamics than any product! I didn’t realize how quickly the humidity rose in my room at night or how the temperatures vary depending on outdoor conditions. What I learned from the Minder enabled me to make small modifications to my equipment. Now, my grow room environment is way more stable and I absolutely saw a difference in quality and yield in my last harvest. I highly recommend this product to all growers who do not monitor and data log their environmental conditions.


P&L Grow Systems: Access your grow from anywhere in the world.

EZ-CLONE Commercial Pro

After countless hours of research and testing, the team at EZ-CLONE brings you a plug and play professional cloning work-horse that can yield successful results with any cultivar you’re running.

Featuring 459 clone sites distributed amongst 3- 153 site vertically integrated trays. Each tray is irrigated with a high-pressure 65-micron fine mist. The sliding drawers can be disengaged and pulled out with a quick push of a button for ergonomically friendly observations and maintenance.

Comes fully assembled with 6-21watt, T5 lights and an outboard motor with the rotary pump head. Single 19-gallon reservoir makes operating this machine simple and efficient.  Outfitted with heavy-duty rolling casters on a powder coated steel frame.

Large scale cloning has never been so easy.