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Organic Matter In Soil Boosts Garden Yields

Just how much can adding organic matter to soil affect your harvest? About 22% more food to pick on average, according to a recent study. Not the standard scientific study, mind you. This research team at West Virginia University went about this discovery properly. They knew that a long-term study meant more than just a year or two when it comes to learning what happens over time. That’s important because building soil isn’t quickly achieved. Nature works wonders when left to her own devices. It’s never an instant thing and usually a team effort from start to finish. So,...

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What Is Fertilizer, Anyway? Part 1

  Written by Evan Folds from Progressive Farms and Microbe Makers. This article was published in 2014 and orginally appeared in issue UK05 of Garden Culture Magazine. The technology of farming is what literally started humanity. That’s right, before farming we hunted and gathered with most of our attention paid to survival instead of specializing. The first documented use of fertilizer is of Europe’s earliest farmers applying manure on their fields around 8,000 years ago. No doubt these ancient farmers noticed the thriving plants in the dung heap and realized that using manure in their fields will help their plants grow bigger, better, faster....

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Straw Bale Garden: Take 2, Scene 1

It’s the second year that I’ve planted a straw bale garden. Spring is always highly anticipated in a cold climate, but this year it couldn’t get here fast enough. I was chomping at the bit to see if what I learned from the first time around would make for a better outcome. Twelve months is far too long a wait to be able to test new tricks, and hopefully, hone your skills at something you are stoked over doing. If you missed Season 1 of my straw bale garden adventure, the story starts here. But it wasn’t until frost arrived that...

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Using Compost Tea in Hydroponics

Breaking the rules: sometimes soilless growing benefits hugely from soil techniques. Take the idea of using compost tea in hydroponics. It will alter everything from your plants’ perspective. When people are first introduced to hydroponics, many marvel at the concept of roots growing in water, and the “technology” involved, or the magic of producing yields ten – even twenty times larger per acre than those accomplished in soil. While these are certainly real and relevant ideas, the reality is that a plant is a plant. Even if it was growing on Mars, it would still require the same basic requirements provided by Mother Nature. The...

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The Importance of Homemade Fertilizer

It’s pretty convenient to rip open a bag, pop the top on a sprinkle canister – and deliver a perfectly measured dose of plant nutrition in the garden. Things will soon drastically change. You, the every gardener, flowers or backyard veggie patch, even container growers, might want to discover how to make your own fertilizer. Sure, organic gardeners have long dabbled in concocting their own sources of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium – but they’ve always had something to fall back on if need be. Something that might be either impossible, or one day give you sticker shock, and according...

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