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Garden Culture is the perfect place to advertise any product or service that will be used by home gardeners.  Of special interest to advertisers are the wide distribution of Garden Culture Magazine, our dedicated readership, and our presence in specialized progressive garden shops.  In this way, Garden Culture Magazine is made available to the greatest number of interested readers and maximizes the exposure of advertising space.  As a reference full of information useful to growers, Garden Culture Magazine is a resource that’s returned to over and over.

If you’re not familiar with our magazines, visit our Digital Versions page and get acquainted with our past issues. You can reach garden product users in a single market, or go international if it fits your distribution range.


The Garden Culture website enjoys a steady flow of unique visitors looking for information on both indoor gardening and growing outside. Traffic comes from social and search, but like most sites today the greatest share of viewers arrive from Google search results. We have both category-specific, and site-wide ad spots available in a variety of sizes allowing advertisers to fine tune their gardening products and services placement where it will be of most use to our readers.

Place your brand where it will be seen by existing and emerging gardeners alike. Advertising your gardening brands with Garden Culture is one phone call away.


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