Exciting New Gardening Trends For 2019

The 2019 gardening season is upon us, and there are some exciting new trends expected to take shape in yards around the world. The big prediction? More and more people will be nurturing their relationships with Mother Nature.

A Gardening Boom

The National Gardening Association’s annual survey finds more people are taking part in the activity and more money is being spent outside than ever before. According to the report, the average household spent $503 on plants and products last year, up about $100 from 2017. That trend is likely going to continue this year.

A Younger Face

Millennial Gardeners are on the rise.

Not only that; more millennials, aged 18-34, are being found out in the garden. They represent 29% of all gardening households and are responsible for 31% of all houseplant sales. Container gardening has also hit new highs, indicating that more city-dwellers are in on the fun now too.

Why the keen interest? Climate change and increasing environmental pressures likely have something to do with it. More people are looking to do their part to save the planet this year.

Native Plants

According to a Garden Media report, 83% of all landscapers agree that one of 2019’s hottest trends will be the selection of native plants.  

There is no better way to connect with Mother Nature than to build a garden using flowers, trees, shrubs, and grasses native to your area. North America is home to plenty of beautiful varieties, and gardens containing native plants are generally low-maintenance, provide a good habitat for natural fauna, and are wildly attractive to pollinators, birds, and other beneficial creatures.

Climate Change Gardens

Very similar to the idea of choosing mostly native plants for the garden, the Society of Garden Designers predicts people will be focused on creating more ecological gardens that are not only chemical-free but also have water preservation in mind.

Consider building a rain garden, which manages soggy ground while also benefiting water-loving plants. Soil improvement and the addition of mulches to the garden are also good ways to retain water better and help plants thrive. Another good tip? Select drought-tolerant plant varieties, giving the hose a rest.


It looks like growing edibles is here to stay, and thank goodness for that. People love transparency and knowing exactly how their food is grown, so personal fruit and vegetable gardens are becoming more common.

Edible flowers are predicted to be a food trend for 2019, and therefore, they will also be a gardening trend. What is slightly different about the “grow your own” movement this year is people will be looking for ways to incorporate their fruits and vegetables into their landscape alongside flowers and other plant life, rather than keeping them confined to a single area.

Read all about foodscaping here.


Robo Gardening

Let’s face it; technology is apart of every aspect of our lives. It’s beginning to infiltrate our gardens too, with many experts, including those at Garden Media, predicting people will depend on it more this year.

From gardening apps, devices that read soil moisture, and robotic weeders to drones and automatic sprinklers, many gardeners are tapping into various gadgets to help their gardens succeed. As bee populations rapidly decline, robotic pollinators are even being used to sustain plant life.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Long commutes, time at the office, and a whole lot of screen time; reports show that Americans spend 93% of their time indoors. That’s why it comes as no surprise that another 2019 gardening trend will involve more houseplants.

Beautiful blooms, vibrant foliage, and tropical plants are expected to decorate more windowsills and tabletops this year. Garden Media Group says Pinterest searches for houseplants is up 90%, and that millennials in particular, who are often renters, are opting to brighten their spaces with greenery.  

Pennlive.com says indoor gardening kits, such as countertop hydroponic systems are also going to be favorite items as people look to grow their own throughout all the seasons.

Bringing the Indoors Out

Outdoor Deck

As many people bring plants inside to give their homes a green feel, the opposite is also true, with landscapers telling Country Living UK they expect more thought and effort going into outdoor living spaces in 2019.

From outdoor wood flooring that flows seamlessly from the house to the yard to a gorgeous deck complete with outdoor sitting areas and kitchens, people are looking for the ultimate escape from the hustle of their everyday lives.

In 2019, everybody wants an outdoor oasis. And if industry predictions hold true, everybody wants to get back to the roots and reconnect with Mother Nature. Here’s hoping this year brings health to our lives and our gardens.

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