Get Growing Up A Wall

Indoor gardening in a small space is getting less of a challenge each day. All it ever takes is a great idea to make things happen or change the way we live. Not too long ago, ¬†Beau and Jared at Enlightened Design came up with this concept for interchangeable wall pots that could hold just about anything and hang anywhere. Something compact and versatile that people would find 101 uses for in their home, apartment, office or dorm. You’ll find it as ingenious as we did.

Get organized, plant a wall garden or even do both simultaneously. While this invention isn’t set up for hydroponic gardening, with a little after market engineering, some brilliant indoor grower will no doubt figure out how to make it work for them. Out of the box, you’ll be able to grow your choice of house plants and¬†herbs fruit or more. Match the space requirements of the plant’s root system to the shape and size of the Urbio module wall pots and use soilless potting mix to get growing! Up a wall, across a wall or around a room in a jiffy.

This brainchild of the guys from Enlisted Design was such a hot topic on Kickstarter.com, they raised over 5 times the amount of startup capital they needed via crowdsourcing. Obviously, many can see just how cool these hangups are. That part of the process between drawing board to prototype to Urbio products you can actually buy is over. Now you can buy the shapes and sizes you need to turn a blank wall in the Garden of Eatin’.

The pots instantly attach themselves to any magnetic surface, or you can hang specially designed backing plates on the wall to adhere your Urbio pots to all other types of surfaces. Check out this video for more info on this cool new approach to urban gardening. You can also get your hands on some to call your own at www.MyUrbio.com.

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Tammy Clayton

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