GMO Food Sold at Whole Foods

Imagine the amazement factor when the narrator on ABC News’ story ‘Whole Foods: How Radical CEO Created Grocery Empire’ announced that vegan, John Mackey, “has no problem selling pork sausage and genetically modified foods.” With the story moving right along it took a second or two for that to register in the brain. What? Fortunately, I was watching the February 7 segment on YouTube and had the luxury of backing up the video to this incredible statement. No, it wasn’t a matter of mistaken mental processing.

Fresh Whole FrankenfoodFresh and pretty isn’t always pure, but one would not suspect that a place like Whole Foods would peddle abominations of nature to his health conscious clientele. But he does. So much for the idea that everything you can buy at the “Whole Paycheck” store is safer to eat than lower priced versions at all the other stores across the country. Does it matter if things are organically grown when the produce or ingredients are known to be genetically modified?

Fast forward to 2:26 to catch this unbelievable, but real declaration that aired on national TV.

Obviously, the only trustworthy source of what you eat is growing it yourself.

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