Foxtrot Herb Farm

Ashfield, Massechusetts, United States

Foxtrot Herb Farm proves there can be much more to farming than simply growing food. Abby and her small team grow nutritious and delicious botanical herbs and specialty produce on four acres of certified organic land— soon to be eight with the addition of an elderberry orchard this spring. Although small-scale, their love and intentions for the land, which has long been in Abby’s family, are enormous.

They till the ground minimally, never spray, avoid chemical fertilizers, amend the soil with organic compost, and farm primarily by hand. What motivates them? The desire to grow plants with limited fossil fuels and in ways that capture carbon instead of releasing it. The team at Foxtrot wants to be a part of the solution for feeding communities quality food in an increasingly unstable climate. They’re as committed to building human community as they are to honoring the land. The farm offers a 15% BIPOC Reparations discount to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and offers sliding scale pricing to increase accessibility.

Foxtrot Farm sells fresh and dried produce to small herbal companies, apothecaries, and restaurants. Those local to Western Mass and Southern Vermont can join the farm’s Healing Foods CSA program or a Pick Your Own membership, which invites people to find pleasure and healing in shifting their diet towards climate-resilient plants. Those farther afield can order dried herbs and teas online.

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