Food From Garbage?


February 15, 2013

Stop feeding the garbage disposal your kitchen waste. You can turn it into nutrient rich virgin soil – no matter where you live. The best idea yet in composting and urban gardening I’ve seen. No need to run out and buy potting soil or fertilizer, and you can grow all manner of goodness in just 4 square feet of space on your porch, patio or even a balcony.

Garden Tower: Urban Gardening Indoors & OutdoorsThe Garden Tower will allow you to enjoy garden fresh veggies the old fashioned way… as your own outdoor garden. This will work for indoor gardening too. A couple of savvy add-ons like good grow lights, reflective surroundings and a large drip tray to collect reuseable run-off water and you could have rich soil-grown veggies and herbs indoors too. The plastic sidewalls will help it from drying out too quickly inside with the heat on during the cold season.

We’re not talking about just growing a few herbs or lettuce in a small footprint. Garden Tower can support up to 50 plants, including hefty tomatoes – but make sure they are the determinate bush type or you’re going to need a really strong trellising system and a ladder to pick your harvest.

An excellent idea, the Garden Tower has already been selling to people across the USA. The guys ran into a big issue though once they had customers. A little unforeseen design flaw that made shipping outside their local area cost a king’s ransom. They haven’t been passing it onto the customer though and absorbing it will kill the venture and make the Garden Tower become extinct. Rather than have something so cool and useful fall to the wayside, they turned to Kickstarter for funding that will allow them to produce a slightly modified version of the original design that will bring shipping costs back into the reasonably affordable range.

Check it out below. If you feel the need to help them feed urban dwellers, senior citizens and the physically challenged or those in drought stricken areas fresh veggies, by all means head over to Kickstarter and add your $1 or more to the cause. Way cool and very revolutionary. An excellent project to work on with your children that will be fun, interesting and educational. There is a have a patent pending on the Garden Tower too.


Ready to buy one for yourself? Head on over to the Garden Tower Store where you can get one shipped anywhere in the US.

Tammy Clayton

Tammy Clayton

Contributing Writer at Garden Culture Magazine
Tammy has been immersed in the world of plants and growing since her first job as an assistant weeder at the tender age of 8. Heavily influenced by a former life as a landscape designer and nursery owner, she swears good looking plants follow her home.
Tammy Clayton

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