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October 23, 2012

The echo of Stanford University’s study has still not ceased bouncing up in news coverage around the world. As of this morning, the American Pediatrics Association heaps further fuel into proving to the public that insisting on investing in organic foods is a foolish use of your money. Let’s not forget that this is an election year. A repetitive period of mudslinging by and for battling politicians whose campaigns are funded by? Lobbying factions.

Early puberty not caused by additives?

Now growth hormones and estrogen in the milk is perfectly safe and harmless to humans. Is it just me or does this rankle your ability to use common sense? And we give women estrogen during their menopause years for what reason again? Perhaps the time has come to ignore the mantra from any licensed practitioner’s lips that we are what we eat. How could that matter at all if no unnatural additives to your food during its production, processing or trip to your table delivers more than you bargained for?

There is some comfort in reading beyond the headlines in the Wall Street Journal where it states that estrogen and hormones in milk appear (not found) to be safe for children and a more in-depth investigation is necessary for real answers. None of these studies are lengthy enough to give true perspective, and it is unlikely they ever will be.

Organic purity begins with the seed.

It is possible for an organically grown crop to test as not organic. This has devastated numerous farmers financially in the past decade or two. Preserving the very quality of organically grown seed is also under siege as the biofuel interests of GMO canola threatens to render a chunk of protected Oregon farmland perfect for the production of tender brassica seeds. It’s a proven fact that pollen can travel up to five miles on the wind, yet proponents of industrial canola growing insist that a good farmer would never allow his crop to contaminate his neighbor’s.

Incredible. Farmers have been battling wind, hail and other uncontrollable elements and their resulting disasters since time immoral. Humanity has yet to come up with a method of controlling the wind or cross-pollination. It has long ago been discovered in the UK that genetically modified crops spread into the weeds and wild plants surrounding a field under cultivation at an alarming rate from wind and insect activity. A band that can continue to spread outward naturally over subsequent growing seasons. If GMOs were really safe, would they be banned in 50 countries?

Perhaps the best next step for those who are concerned about what they and their family consume is to grow it themselves in indoor gardens. Unfortunately, cows won’t fit in your grow room, but you can buy meat, milk and dairy products from local producers and know exactly what went into every step of its production. Fresh produce, harvested fully ripe off the plants has fewer chemicals on or in it than the same fruits and vegetables picked green and shipped in from other regions or countries to be force ripened so you will buy it. It will also have far better flavor, more juice, and higher natural sweetness.

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Tammy Clayton

Tammy Clayton

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Tammy Clayton

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