Homegrown Expo

Just over one month away to the Homegrown Expo in Coventry UK. Looking like it’s going to be a success. We have been busy visiting shops and spreading the word about the show. In fact we have personally given out over 11,000 tickets. That is something that has never been done for an indoor gardening show any where in the world.

We are not only inviting all the indoor gardening stores in the region personally but we are also visiting garden centers, universities and small commercial ag. companies. This is a show for anyone who loves to garden or feels the need to grow food. We will have it all; every major indoor gardening related company in the UK will be there to share their wisdom with you.

So, if you are interested in hydroponics, urban farming or you just love gardening the Homegrown Expo is for you.

See you there, May 31 – June 1 Coventry, UK

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