Issue 25: Australia & New Zealand

Water Is Life

Water is never just water. It is the universal solvent and collects just about everything in its path. We go to great lengths to ensure that our drinking water is clean and safe because we know that tainted water can make us sick. The same goes for our plants. Heavy metals, chemical contamination, poor oxygen levels, and pathogenic, anaerobic microbes can negatively impact the health of your plants.

Fortunately, testing and treating your water has never been easier. But, unfortunately, that is just the beginning. HOW, WHEN, and WHAT you feed your plants is equally essential when it comes to gardening. The kind of plant, the substrate, and your environment will dictate how best to manage your water and nutrient schedule.

In this edition, we will try to help you create the best watering practices for your garden.
Light always plays a role in plant morphology and plant physiology. Water and Light: Hydrophilic Physiology by Brian Gandy explains the relationship between light, heat, and water. To complicate things, many plants require different watering methods for different stages of their life. Doug Jacob’s gets more specific in Crop Steering Through Flowering and Fruiting.

Not to preach from my soapbox, but according to most climate scientists, time is running out, and we need to act. One of the top things we can do is to grow our own food. If everyone takes one small step, it will equal a giant leap.

Happy Gardening

In this issue

Time To Act: Six Ways To Save Water In The Garden

Water is precious and we need to use it wisely. In this article, Sarah Schuette offers six water-conserving gardening tips we can all be practicing at home.

Conserve Water In The Garden With Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is typically practiced in dry climates, but we should all be conserving water in the garden, no matter where we live. Follow these tips and tricks.

How Water Quality Impacts Your Garden: Water Sources, Potential Issues, and Solutions

Water is water, right? Wrong! Various sources work with plants differently. Joanna Berg gives us the basics of H20, some potential issues, and how to fix them.

Garden Advice: Ways to Feed your Plants Naturally

Are you looking for ways to boost your plants without nasty chemicals and other synthetic products? Anne Gibson offers advice on feeding your plants naturally.

How One Market Gardener Makes It Work Growing In The Rainy British Isles

Environmental control isn’t easy in the garden, especially not in challenging climates! Martyna Krol tells us how one farmer copes in the rainy British Isles.

Hell No To Nasty H20! Water Quality And Garden Plants

You wouldn’t drink dirty water; why should your plants? Cody J. Garrett-Tait talks water quality and why it matters to your garden and resulting yields.

Grow Lavender For Its Many Wonderful Medicinal Properties

Lavender is known for helping people feel calm and relaxed, but as Caroline Rivard writes, these gorgeous purple flowers offer so many health benefits!

Water, Light, And Controlled Environmental Agriculture

In the simplest of terms, plants need water and light for survival. And yet, there’s nothing simple about it. Brian Gandy explains hydrophilic physiology.

Chemistry 101: All You Need To Know About Water For Your Plants

It’s one of the most studied substances out there: water. In this article, Philip McIntosh teaches us everything we need to know about H20 in the garden.

Hug Some Trees Before They Disappear

Calling all tree huggers! Rich Hamilton writes about urgent calls for protection measures as many of the world’s tree species face extinction.

Using Climate And Irrigation As Crop Steering Tools Through Flowering And Fruiting

Crop steering is fun to do in every growth stage! Doug Jacobs helps us understand how climate and irrigation are excellent tools to get the job done.

How Indoor Farms Are Changing Agriculture And Leading To Food Security

With food prices rising and a shortage of urban farmland, indoor growing is gaining popularity. Albert Mondor digs into this revolutionary gardening method.

Taking On The Global Climate Crisis

How is the U.S. tackling the global climate crisis? While better off than a year ago, Andrew Abramson says America must do better in fighting climate change.

H20 And Your Indoor Grow: The Differences Between Hard And Soft Water

What kind of water do you have? Rich Hamilton explains the differences between hard and soft water and how it can impact an indoor grow.

Environmental Control and the Human Experience

The environment is failing; humans are in a state of emergency. Evan Folds writes about the possible solutions, which are simpler than you might think.