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Issue 14


From clay pebbles and coco coir to peat moss and Rockwool, this issue digs into the world of substrates. Also, find out how to make your own soil.

Issue 13

The Organic Edition

Does a plant know the difference between organic and synthetic? Urban roof gardens are all the rage, and green manure, an awesome tool for any grower.

Issue 12

Hitting the Target

Battling fungus gnats? We can help with that. This issue also has tips for growing big in small spaces and more about the history of hydroponics.

Issue 11

The Haber Process

Learn all about the Haber Process and the holy grail of gardening, NPK. Recipes for compost tea and fertilizers, and guides for growing giant veg.

Issue 10

The Art of Growing & Pest Control

This issue offers tips for pest and disease control through fertility, more from the history of hydroponics series, and a tribute to Abram Steiner.

Issue 09

History of Hydroponics

It’s an ancient way to grow: read about the history of hydroponics. Also, find out how to select a greenhouse and why phosphorus and potassium matter.

Issue 08

Tree of Knowledge

The tree of knowledge: we may have no choice but to grow without soil by 2075. Urban agriculture on the rise and hydro chillies are hotter than ever!

Issue 07

Life Force & The Garden

Is there a life force in the garden? Follow our easy guide from growing kale, and learn about fermentation and why reflectors really matter.

Issue 06

Planting By The Moon

Planting by the moon is tried and true; learn how to do it! Read about proper watering techniques, industrial hemp, and find out if plants really talk.

Issue 05

Good From Far, But Far From Good

Learn the ins and outs of horticultural lighting, the difference between synthetic and organic nutrients, and the growing GMO controversy.

Issue 04

Doin' Time

In this issue, read about a former prisoner doing time in the garden, why you need to check your grow room daily, and tomorrow’s tastiest tomato!

Issue 03

The Technique Edition

Want to improve your growing techniques? We can help you maximize yield in containers, treat your soil right, and brush up on your mothering skills.

Issue 02

Living Food Pantries

Living food pantries ensure you always have fresh food! Learn how to grow mini food, wheatgrass, and rosemary. Also, America’s dirtiest lawyer.

Issue 01

Issue One

Think micro for macro results in the garden! Learn about striking a perfect balance while growing, window farming, and hydro setups for small spaces.

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