Monsanto Execs & Investors Dumping Monsanto Shares

Monsanto may have defeated mandatory labeling on GMOs in elections, but they aren’t winning their own war. Monsanto stocks are plummeting and shareholders are dumping their stock in huge volumes as the truth about GMOs comes to light. When the CEO of Monsanto dumps 40,000 shares at once, along with other high level executives unloading their own, something is amiss. Even hedge funds are getting rid of millions of dollars of Monsanto stock.

Indeed - What Is This Really?No one in their right mind would want to invest their money in anything that causes high numbers of premature death and growths like these poor animals below. Yet, this is exactly the results of the French study on the effect of eating a steady diet of Roundup Ready corn. The same corn that is in just about everything we eat. Packaged food manufacturers aren’t averse to what is in the wind. A few weeks ago Simply Heinz Ketchup appeared on the shelf – it’s got nothing in it but tomatoes, real sugar and spices. No strange words in the ingredient list at all. Far better tasting than the other stuff.

Public disapproval of forced ignorance of what is in their food is more powerful than the big M assumed. Naturally, there is more to this movement to distance oneself from aiding and abetting the evil one. It hasn’t escaped public awareness beyond the agricultural community that Monsanto’s open field experiment with GMO wheat in Oregon polluted a non-GMO wheatfield and that Monsanto sued the farmer and won. Anyone with half a brain can see that a) this keeps happening, and b) it is legal system supported theft from the farmer who’s crop was polluted. There are so many farmers now who have been ruined by Monsanto’s predatory practices and patented seeds that over 150 groups are now putting huge pressure on the USDA to halt the madness.

GM Corn-Fed Rats: Image courtesy of AFP PHOTO / CRIIGEN

The public doesn’t want to be force fed food that is dangerous to their health and well being. People aren’t falling for the half-truths and cover-ups anymore. There is enough real evidence available to change the course of the lobbying’s strong hold. Things are starting to turn against Monsanto’s induced favor. It’s looking good for the anti-Monsanto faction. Better than it has since it all began.

Want to know the rest of the story? There’s lots of juicy details and links to supporting facts here. BUT… before you go, check out this video below. There is far more wrong with the food system than Monsanto, and One Girl’s Rant is on a roll. She’s right. This is the key to stopping all the inferior food madness.

Lab rats: image courtesy of AFP Photo / CRIIGEN.

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