US 19 - Battle of the Bugs

Featuring:US19-UK21 - Cover

Fake or Not?
Insect Pollinators
Bugs you can see


US 18 - Hows It's Made

Featuring:US18-UK20 - Cover

Digital Ballasts
Korean Natural Farming
Graffiti and so much more!

US 17 - The Reality of Temperature

Featuring:Garden Culture Magazine

Hydroponics in the classroom
Vapour Pressure Deficit
The Plant Whisperer and so much more!

US 16 - Growing Control

 Featuring:Garden Culture Magazine UK18 - US16

Out of Control: Organic Mindset
PK Goodness
The Future of Agriculture
and so much more!

US 15 - Next Level Growing Techniques

 Featuring:us 15

Next Level Growing
A Garden on a Tower
Modern Breeding
Grow your own Avocados
and so much more…

US 14 - Substrates

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Perspectives on Substrates
Clay Pebbles
Coco Coir
Peat Moss

US 13 - The Organic Edition

 Featuring:Straight Outta Compost

Canadian Hemp Farmer
Urban Roof Farmers
Eggshell Planters
Do Plants Poo?


US 12 - Hitting the Target

 Featuring:us 12

Hitting the Target
Watering Technique Errors
Medicinal Mushrooms
CBD Made Easy
Freshwater Shrimp in Aquaponics

US 11

 Featuring:us 11

Perfect NPK
Biosolids: Organic BS
What Is Are Calcium & Magnesium?
The Haber Process

US 10 - The Art of Growing & Pest Control

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Peaky Bubblers
Get A Grip on Thrips
Grow Perfect Peas
Giant Veg: A Ton of Fun

US 09

 Featuring:us 09

Water: Much More Than Wet
History of Hydroponics
Bananas: Abusive Fruits
Light Matters, Part 1


US 08

 Featuring:us 08

The Scientific Method
Kelp: The Magic Weed
Renaissance of Rudolph Steiner
A Mite-y Problem

US 07

 Featuring:US 07

Life Force & The Garden
Optimal Lighting Layouts
Grow Your Own: Kale
Kiss The Ground

US 06

 Featuring:US 06

Planting By the Moon
Proper Watering Techniques
Industrial Hemp
Enzymes: What Are They

US 05

 Featuring:US 05

Making Your Own Soil Mix
Organic vs. Synthetic Nutrients
Grow Your Own: Sage
LED Specifications


US 04

Featuring:us 04

Hazards of Electro Magnetic Interference
Doin’ Time in The Garden
Tomorrow’s Tastiest Tomato

US 03

 Featuring:us 03

Top 5 Hydroponic Techniques
Salanova Lettuce – A Whole New Leaf
Mothering Techniques
Soil Techniques In Hydroponics

US 02

 Featuring:US 02

Growing Korn
Super Foods 101: Growing Wheatgrass
Genetics and Breeding
Grow Your Own: Rosemary

US 01

 Featuring:us 01

Think Micro For Macro Results
The Invisible Garden
Grow Your Own Money: Bitcoins
Wild Wasabi Tamed

GH Summer