Running HVAC in a sealed grow environment? Ready to conserve A LOT of water? The ARCS product line is now HydroLogic’s most accessible and best-selling water conservation technology, designed to reduce water demand significantly by reclaiming HVAC condensate runoff. ARCS filter systems are a vital component of HydroLogic’s zero waste filtration technologies with its bulletproof design and immediate results. Use the Mini-ARCS for applications up to 720 GPD. Need more water? The light commercial ARCS reclaims up to 2,880 GPD, and the HyperLogic Commercial ARCS up to 30,000 GPD. ARCS product water is sterile, low ppm, and perfectly pH balanced for optimal nutrient formulas. ARCS filter systems are up to 95%+ efficient and can provide up to 80% of a grower’s daily demand, water that would typically go down the drain.

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