GreenHouse Feeding Starter Kits

A premium powdered solution for advanced fertigation - growing Dutch-quality flowers! A nutrient line and formulation that is unlike anything else, Powder Feeding is a uniquely tailored fertiliser formula built for the Strainhunters Research facilities that allow maximum phenotypic potential. Easy to use and results in big yields of healthy, flavoursome flowers. The Greenhouse Seed Co has made these ’Starter Kits’ affordable and perfect for the new or advanced gardener alike, containing everything you need to grow from start to finish.

The MINERAL Starter Kit contains everything you need to grow a crop in a 4x4 area. The perfect combination of products for any grower who wants to try powdered solutions that guarantee powerful performance. The BIO Starter Kit contains sufficient concentrated organic components to make 150L of organic super-soil. Mix into coco or peat, and you’ve got all the organic components required for healthy, lush plant growth.

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