Monitors your nutrients with real-time pH, EC, and water temp measurements to save precious time and prevent mistakes that detract from maximum growth and premium yields. Growee features a smartphone app that controls the monitoring sensors for the home grower. Growee software allows even the novice grower access to hydroponic growing methods that was once perceived as too complicated. Via special sensors, the electronic system monitors the state of the water and nutrients 24/7, refreshing real-time data every 30 seconds.

This data is anonymously collated in the company's secure cloud platform, which analyses it and takes immediate action to fix the relevant parameters. For example, if the pH probe indicates a high pH in the reservoir, the Growee pH balancer will inject the precise dose of pH down into the water to remedy the situation. Comes with a 2-year warranty on the modules and a 1-year warranty on the probes.

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