Hellion Master Controller

Dial in spectral recipes, from sunrise to sunset, with the new Hellion Master Controller. Compatible with the new Hellion VS3 multi-channel LEDs, the Hellion Master Controller integrates across all three available channels (veg, bloom and UV), allowing complete control of spectral variance to your plants. Control stretch, boost terpenes and enhance flavours with ease. Use either the recommended Hellion lightmaps or override and tune your sequence to suit your favourite plant types. The Hellion Master Controller can control up to 100 fixtures, 50 from each of the two provided channels; Run a veg cycle on one and a bloom cycle on the other. To operate more than 50 per channel, plug in a Hellion Easy Controller to double the fixtures per channel. Add up to five Easy Controllers to multiply your outlet ports for up to 500 fully controlled fixtures!

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