Adjust-A-Wings have released four new multi-array, 3-channel LED lighting fixtures with an adjustable enhanced spectrum. The HELLION VS3 LEDs allow growers to dial in distinct spectra for growth, transition, bloom, and ripening phases using UV-A, 3K, 5K, red and far-red diodes, delivering not just high PPFD but unbeatable spectral quality.

3-Channel Control

Three drivers and three dimmers give enhanced separate control over veg, bloom and UV diode groups. The three drivers help increase system efficiency while allowing growers to dial in bespoke spectra for different lifecycle phases. High output, top bin diodes (Samsung, OSRAM, Seoul) used throughout. In addition, each light bar has its own “micro-reflector” to help channel and focus the light without the need for lenses.

Available in four models: 250W (4-bar), 510W (6-bar), 700W (8-bar), and 1000W (10-bar). Compatible with the HELLION Master Controller for fine-tuned touchscreen control over photoperiod and spectrum across multiple lights.

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