Hellion VS3 Multi-Channel LED

The new Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 Multi Channel 1000 W LED brings higher system efficiency and 360-780 nm broad-spectrum light and intensity control throughout the plant lifecycle. With a BPF of up to 2800 µmol/s, the Hellion VS3 1000 W LED has three independently controllable channels for veg, bloom and UV. The veg channel is full-spectrum and rich in blue. The bloom channel is also full-spectrum but rich in red and far-red. The UV channel provides UVA and near-blue spectrum via five diode types, including Samsung LM301H (3K & 5K), Osram 660 nm Hyper Red, Osram 730 nm Far-Red and Seoul 395 UV for a superior finish. The light bars clip in and out without connecting multiple cables. Each fixture daisy chains to the next for an easy ‘plug and play’ connection. The built-in micro reflectors ensure increased light intensity, deeper penetration, and more even light distribution to the plant canopy. Hellion VS3 fixtures come with a 3-year warranty.

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