IWS Flood & Drain System

IWS listened to growers and scaled up their most popular system’s capacity.

The spacious 21L outer pot and 20L root pruning inner pot combine to offer maximum oxygenation for unmatched root development.

That means bigger, healthier plants and the best possible yields.

But it’s not just the size that’s increased. There are several improvements:
-A 4000l/hr pump to double drainage cycle speed
-31L brain bucket for a decreased flooding cycle
-Angled pot stands for superior drainage
-Precision timer for minute-by-minute feed control

Building on decades of success in active hydro system design and manufacture, IWS systems have powered thousands of successful grows. With the Pro XL, industry-leading tech and build quality prioritises function over form, so the best-looking thing in your grow room will always be your plants.

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