Plant Magic Platinum PK 9/18

This highly concentrated flowering stage PK blend is enriched with biostimulants, sulphur and nitrogen.

- Phosphorous and Potassium – increase flower production
- Sulphur – speeds up photosynthesis
- Nitrogen – maintains plant health
- Biostimulants – feeds root-zone microbes, reduce nutrient loss due to run-off, and break nutrients down to improve uptake of all essential elements.

You’ll get heavier yields, enhanced aroma, improved flower structure and essential oil production.

It’s also super concentrated at 10x the strength of regular PK boosts – so it lasts 10x longer.

Grower Tip: use Magne-Cal+ alongside Platinum PK 9/18 for superior results!

It is fully soluble in soil, coco, and hydroponic systems.

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