All the benefits of Deep Water Culture coupled with constant circulation for a highly oxygenated nutrient solution that results in phenomenal growth and yield.

The recirculating system creates an oxygen-rich nutrient solution and maintains stable pH and EC levels. It can accommodate up to 24 plants, requiring very little media - just a handful of pebbles per pot. If you can’t visit your plants daily, the timer option will do the job for you.

The R-DWC starts at £430 for a 4-pot system, making them one of the best value systems on the market with the option to add a chiller into the recirculating loop.

The R-DWC prioritises function over form — your plants will always be the best-looking things in your grow room. R-DWC by IWS, using industry-leading tech to build quality systems trusted by growers for decades.

The smart choice for growers.

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