The HI-PAR Control Station V2

The next generation of lighting controllers that bring your cultivation into the future! HI-PAR is uniquely capable of operating LED and HID (HPS or CMH) fixtures simultaneously. The Control Station V2 gives you precise control over your lighting, offering you unprecedented options in your grow room. Utilising smart programmable technology, the HI-PAR Control Station monitors and automates your cultivation lighting; room temperatures, hours of operation, specific timing for mixed spectrum or multiple rooms, dimming and safety control functionality. This is the smartest controller available worldwide!

Plug the Control Station V2 into your HI-PAR SPECTRO LED or HI-PAR Control Series Ballasts to get started. Fixtures can be daisy-chained together using the “Link” port, giving you control of up to 400 ballasts or 100 LEDs in two separate zones - perfect for running mixed-spectrum rooms or multiple rooms. HI-PAR Control Station is available now in retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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